Skills for Incoming 4th Graders




    Entering 4th Grade Skills

    Life Skills

    -       *Reading time should always outweigh screen time

    -       *Understand how choices affect consequences

       Example: Not completing assignments when given class time,

                         work will need to be made up during study hall.

    -       *Follow multi-step directions

        Example:  “Make your bed, then go empty the dishwasher.”

    -       *Listen attentively during instructional periods

    -       *Work independently and with cooperative groups effectively

    -       *Keep organized: be able to organize materials, supplies, notes    

                            from home to school independently

    -      *Be able to independently record homework assignments in agenda

    -      *Follow oral and written directions in a timely manner

    -       *Students need to independently collect work when absent/at an

      instrumental music lesson

    *use scissors and tape to wrap a gift (we use tape daily to attach notes, graphic organizers, etc. into our content area notebooks)


    -       *Read fluently and with expression using grade appropriate material

    -       *Write in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation

    -       *Be able to organize ideas into clear, complete sentences

    -       *Read for at least 20 uninterrupted minutes

    -       *Write a well-constructed paragraph: topic sentence, supporting details, closing sentence

    -       *Ability to recognize the main idea within a text


    -       *Understands place value through the thousands place

    -       *Ability to add and subtract up to three and four digit numbers correctly with and without regrouping

    -       *Understands and uses symbols (+, -, <, >, =, x) correctly

    -       *Able to interpret basic maps, graphs, charts and tables

    -       *Tell time accurately on an analog clock (Students are responsible

       for attending lessons on time)

    -       *Be able to complete 100 addition problems (0-12) in five minutes

    -       *Be able to complete 100 subtraction problems (0-12) in five minutes

         *Be able to complete 100 multiplication facts (0 -9) in five minutes