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    What Are We Doing in Math Class? 2019-20
     Click on the image below to watch a 3 min. video called:Mistakes are Powerful

    * playing a place value partner game

    * playing the 2 dice game to review basic facts in all 4 operations

    * creating a community of mathematicians (anchor chart)

    * setting up of class cash economy (made wallets, practice balance sheet together, read alouds on the topic, Numberock music video: Coins, count around the room with coins, money trading game, beginning individual balance sheets)

    * please look over your child's recording/balance sheet (clipped to his/her agenda) daily or weekly

    * creating name tags for our lockers using 5x4, 6x4 or 7x4 area models (patterns)

    Provided by: Lafayette Parish School System