2021-22 Math Notebook

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    What Are We Doing in Math Class? 
     Click on the image below to watch a 3 min. video called:Mistakes are Powerful
    and for parents/guardians here is more info click below on this TED talk by Standford University professor Jo Boaler
    math talk 
    Math Curse video  Did you like the story: The Math Curse? If so click on then image of the book to watch it again!
    Multiplying Menace story Click here for a read aloud about multiplication!
    Division story Click here for a read aloud about division!
    Fraction Read Aloud  Click on the image of the book to hear the story! How is 8/10 the same fraction as 4/5? Simple, any fraction divided by 1 is still that same fraction because of the identity property. (Any number, including fractions, when mutliplied or divided by 1 is still that same number). We just write the whole number 1 as a fraction (disguise the 1 whole as a fraction like 2/2, 3/3 or 4/4 etc.) So 8/10 divided by 2/2 = 4/5 and that is why 8/10 is equivalent to 4/5 and 4/5 x 2/2 = 8/10.
    Read Aloud  Another story for Women´s History Month (March)! Learn about Ray Montague, click on the image of the book for a read aloud!
    Fact Practice
      fact practice  fast facts  multiple practice  x facts   make a number
    Songs: (Numberock songs will only work in class and on devices other than your Chromebook at home)
    array song    song    prime number song   area perimeter song   Perimeter song
    game       area game   area perimeter game
     area perimeter video

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