Optional Enrichment Projects

    (I may update at any time!) 
    52 ideas for those of you who love extra learning and showing your creative side!

    1.   $7  ANIMAL PROJECT - Write a 5 paragraph report on an animal of your choice.  Create a model and a poster to go with your report.
    2. $12  AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Write a 5 page autobiography and include pictures.  You must include at least ten major events.
    3. $12  BIOGRAPHY - Interview someone you know and with their cooperation create a 5 page biography of him or her with pictures.
    4. $7  BLUE PRINT - Design a blue print (using a ruler) of your bedroom or dream room and calculate the perimeter AND area.  Show your calculations on the back side of the paper.
    5. $9  CLASS NEWSLETTER - Write a one page newsletter for our 4th grade team. Write a summary of what is going on in each class!
    6. $8  COMICS - Create/Write a 3 page comic book from scratch.

    $8  COMIC REWRITE - Draw or design a comic book to retell a well known story.
    8. $10  COOKBOOK - Write a cookbook with 5 or more recipes.  Bring in one (peanut/tree nut free) for us to sample and a picture of you baking or cooking each recipe!
    9. $11  CRAYONS - Invent a new crayon color and contact a company to ask them to make it.  Bring in a copy of the letter that you sent as proof of your project.
    10. $9  DINOSAURS - Choose a type of dinosaur and create a model or draw a picture.  Write a report on it.  Create a food chain poster using other dinosaurs - where does the one you chose fit in?
    11. $2  DRAWINGS - Do 5 good color drawings and show them to the class.
    12. $6  EDUCATIONAL BOOK - Create a 3 page book with fun activities that help teach about a topic you enjoy.  Include some fact pages and some games: crosswords, etc. - all about the same topic)
    13. $10  ELECTRICITY - (work with a parent/guardian or have them supervise for safety)Make an electric project, something that requires electricity and has a circuit that when complete it does something interesting. 
    14. $8  ENDANGERED SPECIES REPORT - Write a 5 paragraph report about endangered species in general or one type of endangered or extinct animal.  Include a poster.
    15. $2  FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Create a chart of at least 20 foreign language translations.
    16. $4  FUN BOOK - Make a 4 page fun book with word searches, scramble puzzles, and crosswords on topics of your choice. (include an answer key for each)
    17. $6  GAME - Create a board game on a topic of interest with instructions, game pieces, board.  Test it on family or friends.
    18. $4  HOUSE MODEL - Design a house and make a 3D model of it.(you may even use construction paper)
    19. $13  HOW-TO VIDEO PROJECT - Create a how-to video to teach how to do something you know how to do well.
    20. $7  IMAGINARY ANIMAL REPORT - Create an imaginary animal and write a 5 paragraph report about it as if it were real.  Make a model or a poster of it.
    21. $7  INVENT A COUNTRY - Invent a new country.  Make it's flag and write a 2 page report. Show where it would fit on the globe.
    22. $3  INVENTION - Make or build an invention that improves something.  Bring it to school and present it to the class. Tell what you are improving, how you got the idea, how you made it, etc.
    23. $5  KANJI - Learn to do Chinese or Japanese writing - make a collection of at least 5 samples to share with the class.
    24. $5  KNITTING - Lean how to knit. Knit something like a blanket or child's sweater or doll clothing.  Bring in finished piece and show it to our class.
    25. $6  MUSICAL INSTRUMENT - Create your own musical instrument and make up a song using it to show the class.
    26. $4  MUSICAL PARODIES - Write new and appropriate lyrics to a well known song. For example, turn "Happy" into a song about something we are learning about in school this year!
    27. $8  OCEAN STUDY - Research to learn more about the ocean.  Make an ocean food chain poster and write a 2 page report about what you've learned.
    28. $10  ORIGAMI - Make 5-10 very well done different origami figures and make a direction poster for one of the more complex ones using photos or real life models for each step.

    29. $5  ORIGINAL SONG - Write and record OR present a song of your own.
    30. $9  PERSUASION - Write a letter to a company that does something you find very upsetting such as animal testing to persuade them to stop doing this thing. Must bring in a copy of your letter.
    31. $3  PET FUN BOX - Make a fun box for a pet like a guinea pig or bunny.  Write a 1 page report about your pet and include how he or she reacts to the box you made. Bring in a picture of your pet enjoying the fun box.
    32. $3  PHOTO EXPOSE' - Make a collection of photos all about one topic and a summary about what you studied.
    33. $3  PHOTO STORY - Take pictures to create a story.  Write a 1 page story using the pictures.
    34. $8  PLANET - Pretend you discovered a new planet and its inhabitants.  Do a one page news report about it, a model of the planet, and a model of the aliens.
    35. $5  POETRY - Write a book of 10 or more poems.  Include a picture or sketch to go with each.
    36.  $4  Google Slideshow - research a person, place, animal, object and create a 5 slide presentation. (Never cut and paste information!) Make sure to include your sources on the last slide. You must use school approved data bases and websites under "Resources".
    37. $12  SCHOOL OR TOWN VIDEO PROJECT - Make a 5 min. video on the history of South Davis or the history of Orchard Park.
    38. $7  SIGN LANGUAGE STORY - Learn to read a children's book in sign language and present it to the class. Have an interpreter read as you sign.
    39. $4  SPARKLE JAR AND STORY - Make a sparkle jar (the kind where you shake it and it looks like snow - snow globe) and write a 2-3 page story to go with it.
    40. $6  SPORT -   Write a 5 paragraph report on a sport of your choice. Don't forget to write the objective(s), and the rules.  Create a collage to go with your report.
    41. $5  STORY WRITING - Write a 2 to 4 page TYPED (double spaced, 14 pt. font) creative story and share it with the class.

    42. $2  STRUCTURE - Make a 5 foot tall structure using 7 or more materials.  Take a picture and bring it to school with a list of the 7 different materials used.

    43. $5  SURVEYS - Do a survey (your choice) involving your 4th grade classmates and graph the results. (bar graphs and or pictographs)

    44. $8  TRAVELOGUE (FANTASY) - Same as above, but with a trip you would LIKE to take to a real or imaginary place.  You may find pictures for your visuals or draw them.
    45. $8  TRAVELOGUE (REAL) - Make a journal of a trip you went on.  Tell what you did each day.  Make sure you have a visual picture/postcard/newspaper to accompany every day and especially every event.  Write a 2 page summary and recommendation of the neatest thing you did on vacation.
    46. $5  TRIVIA - Create a 4th grade trivia game with a set of at least 10 cards and answers.  Include a board and game pieces.
    47. $6  VACATION SPOT - Design a new vacation spot- include a map, model, and pamphlet describing and persuading people to book a trip.
    48. $7  VEHICLE - Draw or create a new vehicle or device to help the handicapped.  Write a one page report on what it is, how it works, how it helps, etc.

    49. $4  WEAVING - Make a small weaving loom and weave a scarf to show the class.
    50. $5  WOODWORK - Lean how to  build or carve something out of wood. (work with a parent/guardian or have them supervise for safety) Bring it in to show the class your finished piece. 

    51. $5  WORDS - Invent new meanings for 5 words and make sentences to go with each of them for examples.
    52. $?   YOUR CHOICE - Make up your own project idea or combine several of these ideas and write up a proposal and hand it in to me.  We can then determine the potential value of the project.

    Projects by Wendy H. Chapman of Metagifted Education