Supply List

  • Third Grade Class Supply List

    PLASTIC folders with triple clasp – One each of the following colors:

     Red - Social Studies
     Purple – World Trek
     Blue - Science
    Yellow - ELA
    Orange – Friday folder Green – Math

    One Two pocket daily take home folder (plastic coated suggested) Supply box (suggested size 5 X 8)
    3 Composition Notebooks
    Box of crayons-(16 count is sufficient)
    #2 Pencils – supply for the year (please sharpened some if possible) Erasers
    Colored Pencils-sharpened if possible
    2 yellow highlighters
    Fine line markers
    Ruler ( wooden please - with both standard and metric measure) Glue sticks – supply for the year
    2 dry erase markers (thin and thick)
    1 White 1” binder
    Index card box to fit 3x5 index cards
    Eight pre-cut tennis balls for your desk and chair if possible

    Thank you for helping your child begin third grade in an organized manner. We go through
    A LOT of pencils during the year. *Please buy them now while they are on sale so you will be able to replenish them as needed throughout the year.***

    *Please mark supplies with your child’s name.