Supply List

  • 3rd Grade Supply List




      8 double-pocket PLASTIC folders with triple clasp – We will use the following colors:

    à         1 Red  - Social Studies                     1 Yellow - ELA

    à         1 Purple - Writing                            1 Orange – Friday folder

    à         1 Blue - Science                               1 Green – Math


    Þ       1 Two pocket daily take home folder (plastic coated suggested)


    Þ      Supply box (suggested size 5 X 8)


    Þ      3 Composition Notebooks


    Þ       Box of crayons-16 or 24 count is sufficient           


    Þ       3 packages of #2 Pencils – supply for the year- a few sharpened if possible


    Þ      Erasers


    Þ      Colored Pencils-sharpened if possible


    Þ      2 yellow highlighters


    Þ      Fine line markers


    Þ      Ruler ( wooden please - with both standard and metric measure)


    Þ      Glue sticks – supply for the year


    Þ      Scissors


    Þ      2 packages wide ruled notebook paper


    Þ       2 dry erase markers (thin and thick)


    Þ       2 package of 4 X 6 index cards


    Þ      Index card box to fit 3x5 index cards


    Þ      Eight pre-cut tennis balls for your desk and chair if possible


    Þ      headphones (optional)


    Thank you for helping your child begin third grade in an organized manner.  If your child needs to replenish supplies, or needs anything additional as we develop our curriculum, you will be informed.

    *Please mark supplies with your child’s name.