Prize Box and Coupons

  • Treasure Box, Coupons and Prize Box

    PRIZE BOX:  There are many ways to earn something from the Prize Box.  One way to earn something from the Prize Box is to have the closest estimate for the estimating jar.  In order to be able to get to estimate you have to have your Reading Log signed for the week.  The closest one to the actual number of items in the estimating jar, wins a trip to the Prize Box.  You can also earn a trip to the Prize Box by completing 5 books in your "World Trek" folder. 
    TREASURE CHEST:  The Treasure Chest has several kinds of candy in it.  You can earn a trip to the Treasure Chest by reading one book for your "World Trek" folder.  You can also earn something by being kind to a classmate or helping Mrs. Whitney.  Sometimes the whole class gets a treat by getting a complement from another teacher.
    COUPONS:  Earning coupons is a great way to have lunch in the classroom with Mrs. Whitney.  You need to earn 30 coupons in a month to have lunch in the classroom.  You can earn coupons in many ways.  You can do extra time on your Reading Log, you can help a classmate or Mrs. Whitney.  You can do extra credit.  Whomever earns 30 coupons in a month will bring their own lunch to eat in class, but there is a treat from Mrs. Whitney.  Some things we have had in the past include, pizza, ice cream sundaes, vegetables and dip, cookies and fruit.  I choose the treat for the month. 
    You can also lose coupons for talking in hallways, being disrespectful, forgetting your homework or not putting your name on your paper.