Below are some sites to help you learn to keyboard 
    ~ and have fun too!

    Lessons & Practice Games

    Keyboarding Challenge
    Abcya! Gr. K-5
    Gr. 3-5
    Free Typing Lessons
    Gr. 3-5
    Typing Master (PacMan)
    Gr. 3-5
    Power Typing
    Gr. 3-5
    *Dance Mat Typing*
    Gr. 3-5
     Keyboarding Zoo 
    Gr. K-1


    Keyboarding is a gateway to using a computer efficiently and effectively! The basic skills of keyboarding are even more important know than they ever were because so much of today's work is actually done at the keyboard. 

    Learning how to type properly is critical for several reasons. While most children and adults can learn to hunt and peck on their own, real typing speed depends on proper technique.  Speed is important because youngsters should learn how to think and compose at the keyboard. 

    Everyone should  strive to type at least 40 words per minute. This rate of speed allows the user to flow with a train of thought as it comes. It does not mean that 40 wpm will be attained during the typing class, but if students are given a solid foundation in keyboarding, their speed will develop as they keyboard their way through life.

    Does this mean that 8 year olds should type 40 wpm? No. They should be provided with the basics of keyboarding and then learn to type faster than they can write (typically 11 wpm). This will allow them to have an efficient way to enter their thoughts and writings into a dynamic electronic format. Editing and revising are necessary skills for improving writing and are much easier to do word processing than on paper.