Concussion Management Protocol and Information

  • The Concussion Management and Awareness Act

    The Concussion Management and Awareness Act went into effect on July 1, 2012 for all public schools and charter schools.  Several items are required for school districts to be in compliance with the law.  Some of the items are specifically spelled out in the law and others have been recommended by the State Education Department and Department of Health and approved by the State Board of Regents.

    Orchard Park Central believes in the importance of effective concussion prevention and post-concussion management.  All coaches, physical education teachers, and school nurses will complete a concussion prevention certification biannually entitled "Heads Up!  Concussion in Youth Sports", as per State Education Department guidelines.  By educating staff, students, and parents, we can all help prevent injuries and minimize risks associated with head traumas.   

    When can my son/daughter return to sports?

    • Once the Athlete is asymptomatic for 24 hours (and no longer using medication prescribed by a physician to manage signs and symptoms) and has medical clearance from a licensed physician.
    • Must complete return to play protocol with certified athletic trainer working with OPCSD

    The return to play protocol is as follows:

    • Phase 1: Light aerobic exercise- walking, swimming or stationary bike without resistance
    • Phase 2: Higher impact, higher exertion, moderate aerobic activity. No resistance training.
    • Phase 3: Sport specific non-contact activity. Low resistance weight training with a spotter.
    • Phase 4: Sport specific activity, non-contact drills. Higher resistance weight training with a spotter
    • Phase 5: Full contact practice and intense aerobic activity.
    • Phase 6: Return to play- full activities without restrictions.


    • The return to play progression should be over 7-10 days, with a minimum of 7 days. The athlete must remain asymptomatic to progress to the next phase. In the event that symptoms return the athlete must stop activity and return to previous level 24 hours later if asymptomatic.

    Upon completing the return to play protocol the student-athlete must be cleared by the school physician

    Please find links and documents below for more information on what you can do to protect yourself and your child(ren).