Frequently Asked Questions


    What is expected of my child in 3rd grade?
    Third grade is a transitional year, with increased standards and expectations. This will be the first time your child will take state tests, both in Math and English Language Arts. This year, your child should have 30 minutes of homework each night. This does not include an additional 20 minutes of reading each night. Your child will gain fluency in Math facts, and learn new concepts such as multiplication and fractions. Your child will be writing in cursive mid-way through the year. He or she will be reading more informational texts, and developing greater skills in comprehension and fluency. 3rd graders should be able to write well-formed paragraphs. There is also increasing responsibility for your child this year. He or she will be expected to ask for help when it is needed, write assignments down in an agenda, and develop organization skills. 

    What can parents do to help?
    Parents have an extremely important role in the education of their children! Be enthusiastic about the things your child tells you. Ask questions about the different areas we are learning about. Instead of asking, "How was your day?" and getting a one word answer, be specific. Ask "What did you do in Science today?" or "What story are you reading this week?" I often put questions in my weekly newsletter for parents to ask their children about a certain topic or funny thing we did in class, so be on the lookout for those! 

    Sign your child's agenda every night, and feel free to write me any notes or questions in there. If the homework assignment was particularly difficult for your child, let me know. The agenda is a great way to communicate.

    What should I do if my child is absent?
    If your child is out sick, there are two things you need to do. Call the school nurse (209-6279) and let her know your child will be out for the day. Then, you still need to send in a note when your child returns to school, stating the date your child missed, and the reason. 

    If your child misses one day, I will catch him/her up the next day. If he or she is out for more than one day, you can call the office (or email me) and I will get materials together for work to be completed at home. Please call in the morning and I will get the materials together by the afternoon. 

    What about vacations? If I take my child out of school for a family trip, can I ask for work to be sent home?
    District policy is that work cannot be sent home ahead of time due to family vacations. Work will be sent home after the child returns to class, and after I've had a chance to explain the assignments to your child. 

    Do you go outside for Recess? 
    Yes, we go outside as often as we can! Please be sure that your child is dressed for the weather, and has appropriate footwear. In the winter, children will not be permitted outside without a warm coat, hat, gloves, snow pants, and boots. We really enjoy going sledding during the snowy months! 

    Children who have not brought completed homework into school will sit out of half of the Recess time. This will continue until the assignment is handed in. 

    How can I get in touch with you?
    The fastest and most convenient way to contact me is through email. 
    I will try my best to get back to you the same day. The next best way is by sending in a note with your child. The least convenient way is by telephone. If you need to speak to me on the phone, please send me a note with the best number to reach you, and I will call you as soon as I am able.