Catalog Review Instructions

    First, type up your review in Microsoft Word. This will allow you to spell check your work. You can also check the length of your review. Once you are done typing,  highlight your entire review—the click the REVIEW tab at the top of the page. Then click Word Count Button.                  


    This will tell you how many characters you have (words and spaces) . A review in the Catalog must be less than 1,000 characters. Character count includes words and spaces. Once you have double checked this, you can save your review to your network drive so you don’t loose your work.



    Go to the Library Catalog by going online and clicking Schools —> High School —> Library —> Library Catalog

    Then sign in by clicking the  button in the top right corner. Your username and password should be the same thing you log into the computers with. (Your username and password are the same as you use to log into school computers.)

    Once you are logged in complete a search in the catalog for the book you are going to review. When your search results come up, find your book and click it on the title to get more information.  When you open the title look to the right hand side of the screen and you will find three tabs: Title Details, Reviews and Copies. Click the Reviews tab.

    On the Reviews tab click the button that says:  Add Review  (Above the green arrows)       

    Where it says “How do you rate this title?” Choose how many stars you want to give the book

    · 1 star for Poor

    · 2 stars for Fair

    · 3 stars for OK

    · 4 stars for Good

    · 5 stars for Awesome

    Click that star that best describes your rating of the book.

    Then you can copy and paste your review from Microsoft Word into the box provided.

    Click the  Save  button to Save your work.      


    You can add reviews any time you read a book that you think others would want to know about! Follow these instructions each time, and Miss Steinbruckner or Mrs. Aszkler will check the reviews and publish them. Thanks for helping to make the library catalog better!