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  • The world that we live in is constantly changing. People and events in French speaking regions around the world make headlines in our newspapers daily—but some of the important happenings in these countries do not get picked up by the American press.  While we will spend some time throughout the year getting to know the history and culture of these French-speaking regions, it is also important to keep in touch with the current events that are shaping and changing the world that we live in. 

    You will select a news source in French from one an area that we will study this year.  You will be responsible for following the news from this source for the year and updating the class on interesting happenings in this region of the world.  Twice a month, you will look through the articles presented on its website, app or Twitter feed and select one to read and summarize in English.  The article you choose may not be about the United States or France—it should relate to the Francophone region where the newspaper originates (or its immediate neighbors). 


    Guidelines for choosing an article to summarize:

    • The article should relate immediately to the region of the world where the article is published.  Articles should not be about the United States or famous Americans.
    • The article should at an appropriate reading level for you.  It is common to run across words or expressions that are unfamiliar—if this is the case, please look them up at or using the Word Reference App (found in iTunes).  This being said, if you find that  you need to look up more than 10 words in one article or the article does not make sense to you, please select a different article.
    • The article could come from a variety of different parts of the newspaper.  You could select articles about current events, local politics, sports, culture, fashion, etc.  Just be sure that the article relates directly to your country or region.


    For each article, you will need to provide :

    • The headline (title)
    • A link to a website where the article can be viewed
    • A short (50-100 word) summary of the article in English
    • An explanation (approximately 50 words) of why the topic of the article would be important to the people of the region


    You will be graded according to the following rubric :

    10 points

    • Assignment completed with a timestamp before the due date at 11:59 pm.
    • Assignment contains the article’s headline, link, summary and explanation.
    • Summary and explanation are the appropriate length.

    8 points

    • Assignment completed with a timestamp before the due date at 11:59 pm.
    • Assignment may be missing the response to one question, or there may be an issue with the quality of a student’s response (not appropriate length, does not address key information in the article, etc).

    6 points

    • Assignment contains all required components but was turned up to three days late.

    0 points

    • Assignment not turned in, or turned in more than three days late.


    Your weekly news summary will be due on the 1st and 15th of each month by 11:19 pm.  Summaries received with a later timestamp will be considered late and will lose credit.  We will frequently have a brief discussions about the articles you have selected, so please come to class ready to talk about your article. 

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