*** The Parent Permission form is attached below, please return the signed copy to the Athletic Office ***

    The purpose of this statewide Advanced Placement Process fitness testing program is to determine the physical fitness of a 7th or 8th grade athlete when compared to older athletes who will participating at the high school level. This fitness test, along with a special physical examination completed by the school physician, will determine whether the appropriate physical development has evolved that equates to the similar levels of high school athletes.  Passage of all required parts must occur in order to be eligible for a tryout and will help ensure the safety of their participation. 

    NOTE: the school doctor must give the physical maturity examination for this opportunity.

    This program is designed for the exceptional athlete in that the specific talent and conditioning level would need to be well above the level of the average for athletes of a similar age.  It is not intended to help schools fill out high school rosters or give kids a head start for the sake of early involvement.

    Each athlete will be asked to complete anywhere from four (4) to five (5) parts of the test.  Tests include curl-ups, a shuttle run, sit and reach (flexibility), 1 mile distance run (or 500 yard swim), and pull-ups.  Athletes may be given a second chance at parts of the test if they are close to achieving the needed score.  Check the Athletic Website for the seasonal timeline.  

    Parents are cautioned that even though an athlete may be physically ready, it does not mean that he/she may be emotionally or socially ready to handle the normal stress of competition, or have the ability to socially mix with older athletes.  Even though our coaches set the stage for the assimilation of the younger athletes into the team structure, these athletes must be comfortable within this environment.  Should this not be a natural adjustment, it is recommended that the athlete remain at the district’s modified level or just wait until high school.  This decision must be made during the first few days (depending upon the sport) of upper level practice as required by state modified rules.

    • Football:  may participate in eight (8) of the first ten (10) practices
    • Wrestling, boys lacrosse, ice hockey:  may participate in five (5) of the first seven (7) practices.
    • All other sports:  may participate in three (3) of the first five (5) practices.

    A teacher will conduct Advanced Placement Physical Fitness tests at designated times in August for Fall season sports, in October/November for Winter season sports, and in February for Spring season sports.  Athletes will meet at the high school field house with light weight gym clothes and good running shoes during the dates in August and at the Middle School gym in October and February.

    Students will not be tested without a completed Athletic Placement Parent Permission form and a Physical Maturity Exam  from the school physician.  This process begins with the APP Parent Permission form being turned in to the Athletic Office.  Process steps must be completed in order.

    NOTE: Tryouts for varsity golf, bowling and rifle do not require the fitness test. Candidates must complete the Parent Permission form and see the school physician for an APP physical maturity exam.  Once approved by the school physician, candidates must score in the top 8 competitive scores during tryouts to make the team.


    1. Complete and submit to the Athletic Office the APP Parent Permission form by the date listed below.
    2. Attend and pass the APP Physical Maturity Exam with the school physician on the date listed below.
    3. Participate in and pass the APP Physical Fitness testing on the dates listed below (this step is not required for bowling, golf, or rifle).
    4. Complete the online athletic registration, and if needed, submit an updated health appraisal form completed by a private physician or the school doctor to the appropriate school nurse. 

    Once all four steps are completed, 7th and 8th grade students are eligible to try out for the desired high school level team.

    NOTE: A student who has undergone the APP does not need the procedure repeated if he/she achieved the required scores for fitness, maturity, and comparable physical size for the desired sport and level, regardless of the school year in which the testing was completed. If a student has undergone the APP evaluation procedure and participated in the 7th grade, the process would not have to be repeated in the 8th grade provided they remain at the same level of athletic competition in the same sport. 

    **Missing due dates will affect an athlete’s eligibility for tryouts**

    There will be 2 days of fitness testing offered.  Tests will take between one and two hours to complete, depending on the number of athletes being tested.  Please wear comfortable clothes and sneakers and bring a water bottle.

    Winter 23-24 APP Dates

    Friday, 10/20/2023 – Athletic Placement Process Parent Permission (APP PP) forms are due in the Athletic Office (located in the High School), see form below.  (**A New York State program that permits exceptional student athletes to participate on an athletic team beyond their grade placement) - (ONLY FOR 7TH AND 8TH GRADE STUDENTS WHO ARE LOOKING TO PLAY A HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL SPORT)

    Monday, 10/23/2023 MS Athletic Placement Process (APP) Physical Maturity Exams at 9:00am in the Middle School Health Office.  You must have submitted the APP Parent Permission form by 10/20.

    Tuesday, 10/24/2023 – APP Physical Fitness testing at 2:30pm in the MS Aux Gym.  If student did not submit the APP Parent Permission form by 10/20 and pass the APP Physical Maturity Exam on 10/23, they may not participate in testing. 

    Wednesday, 10/25/2023 – APP Physical Fitness testing at 2:30pm in the MS Aux Gym.  If student did not submit the APP Parent Permission form by 10/20 and pass the APP Physical Maturity Exam on 10/23, they may not participate in testing.     

    Winter 23-24 online sports registration will be available for MS APP students from Oct. 30th-Nov. 9th.

    Valid Winter sports physical date is 11/1/2022 or after.