How to Purchase School Dance Tickets

  • To purchase School Dance Tickets, you will need a MySchoolBucks account.

    To Create a MySchoolBucks account (if you do not have an account)

    1. Click "Sign up today!"
    2. Enter in your information asked for. (State/District/Name/Email/Password)
    3. Click Continue
    4. If you do not see Homecoming Dance, close the window and Return to this page and try again.

    To Purchase School Dance Tickets with a MySchoolBucks account.

    1. Click "Add to Cart" below
    2. Login with your MySchoolBucks Account
    3. Click "Add a Student" to add a student if one is not listed.
    4. Select Baker/Freeman side
    5. Click Purchase
    6. Enter in Payment Information
    7. Click Submit

    Other Info

    1. Your ID is your Ticket, no ticket is needed.
    2. Please do not purchase more than one ticket per student. 

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