Required HS Parent Meetings on Drug & Alcohol Awareness

  • Working Together to KEEP KIDS SAFE

    In partnership with parents/guardians, community members, the Orchard Park Youth Council, Orchard Park Police Department and the Orchard Park Central School District, the Keep Kids Safe team is presenting a parent/guardian information meeting on the use of drugs and alcohol by our youth.  PLEASE NOTE THESE MEETINGS ARE INTENDED FOR PARENTS OF HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND ARE ONLY REQUIRED IF STUDENTS WISH TO ATTEND SCHOOL DANCES.

    ** NEXT MEETING - Monday, September 23, 2019 - 7:00 p.m. sharp - HIGH SCHOOL
    Please arrive at 6:30 p.m. to register

    According to government data, parental disapproval is the key reason that children give for NOT using alcohol or drugs.  Despite the powerful influence parents/guardians have over a young person’s decision making, many parents/guardians feel unprepared to discuss these topics with their children.

    Key points regarding the use of alcohol and drugs by Orchard Park youth:

    • Underage drinking and drug use exists throughout Orchard Park.
    • 43% of our high school students reported using alcohol in the last month
    • 25% reported having been drunk in the last month.  (2003 & 2006 Asset Surveys)
    • 40% of the kids consuming alcohol at this age received it from someone else, older or younger than themselves.
    • 20% of the kids consuming alcohol received it from someone else purchasing it for them.

    In an effort to partner with parents in preventing a potential tragedy, the Orchard Park Central School District is requiring that parents/guardians of high school students who wish to attend High School dances attend a meeting regarding issues associated with the use of alcohol and drugs by our youth.  Please note that the meeting will last one hour and a parent/guardian must attend one meeting over a four-year period to fulfill the requirement prior to the child’s attendance at the dance/dances.

    Please contact any of the high school principals if you have questions or concerns about this important information to Keep Kids Safe.

    Mr. Jon Wolf, High School Principal – 209-6243
    Mrs. Missy Szczesniak, House 1 Principal – 209-6213
    Mr. William Lynch, House 2 Principal – 209-6223
    Mr. Matthew Fisher, House 3 Principal – 209-6313