Open Campus

  • For 2020/2021 - Class of 2021

    The Application is available on the Parent Portal - 

    We have updated and streamlined process and requirements for this year.

    Class of 2021-2022:

    You should sign up NOW during the month of May 2021 to be eligible on time for Fall '21.

    **The registration link may still be open for a while longer. Check it to see if it's still active!


    Rules and Information - Update In Progress


    The Senior Open Campus Program has been developed to provide qualified seniors with the privilege of additional opportunities for use of non-class time.

    Seniors permitted to participate in Open Campus will be allowed to leave school during non-class times.

    A committee of STAP-Comm compiled the following goals for open campus.

    • To help seniors develop an adult sense of responsibility.
    • To give seniors experience in budgeting time and learning to spend it wisely.
    • To strengthen individual responsibility and further develop self-discipline among seniors.
    • To improve school spirit by uniting the senior class, making it responsible for the success of the program.
    • To improve the operation of the school by providing an incentive to underclassmen, alleviating hallway problems, and reducing study hall sizes.


    • Students must have senior status as defined in the OPHS Student Agenda.
    • Any student who received a failing grade for either the 4th quarter or for a final course average at the end of their junior year will NOT be eligible for open campus until at least the beginning of the 2nd quarter of their senior year.
    • Any student who received a disciplinary referral during the 4th quarter of their junior year will NOT be eligible for open campus until at least the beginning of the 2nd quarter of their senior year.
    • Students can apply through the parent portal only. The student portal does not have the forms.
    • Any student who does not have open campus will automatically be assigned to a study hall and/or lunch.
    • Students must agree to comply with the rules and regulations of the Open Campus Program.
    • Seniors in good standing do not have to apply for open campus to attend the senior study hall in the cafeteria.

    The success of the Senior Open Campus Program will depend upon the cooperation of students, teachers, administrators and parents alike.



    When you leave the building you must do so at the beginning of the period and stay out until there are no more than five minutes remaining in the period.  Loitering and hanging out in the building or parking lot is strictly prohibited.

    1. When you leave the building and go out in the community, remember you are representing your school.  Behave accordingly.
    2. If you choose to stay in the building, you must report to your destination before the bell rings.  (Open campus privileges do not give you free reign and allow you to loiter or wander around the hallways.) In order to access the Media Center you must have your I.D. You may also attend the senior study hall in the cafeteria.
    3. Be aware of the time when you are out on open campus. Pay close attention to special bell schedules.  Students may not leave on open campus and call to notify their house office that they are sick and will not be returning to school.  Students must report back to the building and, if need be, report to the nurse's office upon their arrival.
    4. Students who fail classes and receive disciplinary referrals will lose their privileges for a minimum of 10 weeks.
    5. Students may not bring food from outside restaurants back into the building.
    6. Students may not leave the building with a student who does not have open campus privileges.  Violators of this rule will lose open campus privileges immediately.
    7. If you have open campus first period you must report to school before homeroom.  If you have open campus first and second period, you still must report to homeroom and then, if you wish, you may leave on open campus second period.


    Carding/Swiping out is our record that you have left the building. Therefore, all students MUST have and use their current, valid I.D. card.

    1. Individuals leaving the building MUST swipe/card themselves out.  Friends or associates are prohibited from carding/swiping another student out.
    2. If the card/swipe system is down due to a network or computer failure, students will be required to physically sign out and sign in on sheet provided.




    • Will be appropriately handled by the house principal


    These are guidelines and can be altered or customized for every student. "The Code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Open Campus."


    Revised 5/2021