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    Welcome to my 2020-2021 Teacher Page

         This webpage contains information for my Algebra 1 Common Core and Algebra 2/ Trigonometry classes for the 2020-2021 school year. As you know this is going to be be a different experience in education.  We will be using Google Classroom for the Learning  Management System.  Classroom will be the main communication tool that will be used for instructional materials.  Students on my roster will receive an invite to join the Google Class at the start of the school year in their OP School email.  
        I will also post general information periodically on this teacher page.  If needed, I will reference this teacher page in a Google Classroom post, so a person would know to check this page.  I will also reference Google Classroom in this teacher page, so students will know to to check the Google Classroom. 
    You will see links bookmarked along the left side of this home page.  Just click on the link to open the folder and subfolders.

        My main objective is to keep this communication simple and useful.  If you have any suggestions for my web pages, please let me know.   

                                                                          Thank you,   

                                                                                                Mr. Himes

                                                                          OPHS Mathematics Department 



    If you are having technology trouble, you can email the Orchard Park tech department at  technology@opschools.org




    ****Special Note: As of 12/14/2020, OPHS will revert back to hybrid learning.  Therefore, we will be back to the original two separate cohorts.  See your bell schedule in powerschool if you've forgotton your original hybrid schedule. 


    ****Special note: As of 11/23/2020, OPHS has gone fully remote.  Cohorts A and B  were were combined. Now odd periods will be synchronous on O and H days, and even periods will be synchronous on P and S days (Based on an O.P.H.S. cycle). Therefore I will list the classes on the left margin as "Even" and "Odd" based on the period number.*****