• Student parking is a privilege.  All vehicles on school property during the school day must display a current, valid parking permit.  For the 2020=2021 school year, OPHS parking permits will be issued to students who are able to drive to school on a daily basis to alleviate congestion on school busses in response to COVID-19 social distancing regulations.   

    Applications for student parking permits should be completed on-line in the parent portal.  There is NO charge for student parking for this year only.  However, students MUST complete the entire application process and receive a current, valid permit. 

    Juniors will initially be able to park in the Senior/Baker Rd. lot at the start of the year.  If the Senior/Baker lot becomes congested, Juniors will be asked to park in the Junior/Stadium lot.  



    With the application, students must submit the following:

    Special NOTE: There is NO fee for the 2020-2021 school year, however students must complete the process in order to receive a permit.

    STEP 1: Seniors and Juniors will apply for parking through the Powerschool Parent Portal.  Complete the entire application.  Your digital signature verifies all information is correct and that both the student AND parent/guardian have read the parking rules on this page.

    STEP 2: Students MUST immediately sign into the OPHS Parking Google Classroom.  The classroom code is yurv5s3. Once the "Parking Orientation Video" is posted in the Google classroom, all students must watch the entire video.  There will be questions, for understanding, throughout the video.  The student must answer all of the questions and receive at least an 80% mastery level to receive their parking permit.  A student can watch and answer the questions as many times needed in order to achieve the 80% mastery level.

    STEP 3: Subscribe to the Parking REMIND student alert system.  We will be using this alert system in order to communicate information to those students who park on campus. 

    The alert group is alphabetical and based on the first initial of your LAST name. Text the following to 81010

    Last Name               Code

    A through F =          @f8k3he

    G through M =         @d6e2ac

    N through S =          @fdk292

    T through Z =          @b6e6kk

    STEP 4: Once the steps 1 through 3 are completed, the student will allow at least 2 school days to receive their parking permit.  Upon receiving their permit, they MUST produce their current Student I.D. Card and their valid NYS drivers license. 

    (In the beginning of the year, there will be designated times for students to receive and pick up their parking permits.  After the initial distribution, students can pick up their permits in the Baker foyer before school)



    1. Number of Permits: There will be a limit of 2 permits issued to each student.

    2. Where to Park: Seniors and Juniors with a valid parking permit may park in the Senior/Baker Road lot during school hours.  Juniors may be asked to park in the Junior/Stadium lot if the Senior/Baker lot becomes too congested.

      *Students may ONLY park in the Freeman/Faculty lot after 4 pm on school days.

      *Parking in the church lot across the street on Baker Road is strictly prohibited.  Students who park in the church lot without the permission of the Bishop will automatically receive a disciplinary referral and will lose all parking privileges or future parking privileges on campus.

    3. Who: Students may only drive vehicles that are registered to them.   Siblings, friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends may not drive a vehicle that is not registered to them.

    4. Where To Pick Up My Permit:  You will receive your permit from the Co-Coordinator of Student Activities in the Baker Foyer BEFORE school (Usually between 7:05 a.m. and 7:25 a.m.)  Please allow at least 48 hours for your application to be processed.

    5. Driving or Parking in the Freeman, Faculty Lot:  Students may NEVER DRIVE or PARK in the faculty lot between the hours of  7 am and 4 pm on school days.  Students caught parking or driving in the faculty lot during these times will lose parking privileges and receive a disciplinary referral.

    6. Loitering In the Parking Lots: Loitering in the school parking lots before, during, and after school is strictly prohibited.

    7. Vehicle Searches: Any vehicle parked on school grounds is subject to search by the High School Principal or his designee at any time.

    8. Vehicle Security & Accidents: Students should lock their vehicles. The school district is NOT responsible for lost or stolen contents in vehicles.  If an accident occurs on school property, students should notify the coordinator/adviser of student parking, a principal, school resource officer, or indoor/outdoor monitor.  Students should exchange insurance information and parent/guardian phone numbers. OPHS will not mitigate claims between insurance companies. If a student hits a parked, unoccupied vehicle in any way, it is expected that he or she report the incident immediately to the coordinator/adviser of student parking, a principal, school resource officer, or indoor/outdoor monitor.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of parking privileges and a disciplinary referral.

    9. Handicapped Zones: Students may NOT park in the Handicapped (BLUE) Parking Zones without a valid permit issued by the House Principal in charge of Student Activities.  See the parking coordinator/adviser for information.

    10. Baker Lot White Zones: Students may NOT park in the Visitor (WHITE) Parking Zones at ANY TIME before 2pm.  These zones are designated for faculty who choose to park in the Baker lot, as well as visitors  to OPHS.

    11. Yellow Parking Zones: Students may park their vehicles in the designated (YELLOW) student parking zones. Students may not park their vehicles outside of the designated parking zones. Students MAY NOT double park their vehicles.

    12. Parking Orientation Meeting:  Students must watch the parking orientation EdPuzzle video and answer the questions as you watch the video.  Students must have 80% proficiency in order to receive their parking permit.

    13. Adding or Replacing a Vehicle: If a student wishes to add or replace a vehicle they may do so via the parent portal.  Add or replace the necessary information of the vehicle and print the form. Circle the information of the vehicle you are replacing or adding.  All fees are waived for the 2020-2021 school year.

    14. Transfer of Permits Between Students:  TRANSFER OF PARKING PERMITS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All parties involved will lose their parking privileges and will receive a disciplinary referral.

    15. Parking Lot Conditions: Students are responsible for the condition of the parking areas. All refuse should be deposited in the appropriate trash receptacles. Students observed littering will receive a disciplinary referral.

    16. Parking Without a Current, Valid Permit: Students who park on school property without a current, valid permit may receive a disciplinary warning. Any subsequent violation may result in a disciplinary referral. If a student does not already have a current, valid parking permit (on another vehicle), the Student Activities office reserves the right to hold or delay issuance of a parking permit up to 10 weeks upon receipt of the completed parking application.

    17. Temporary Parking Permits: Temporary parking permits are only given to students who are already vested in the parking program.  Meaning: If you do not have a current, valid parking permit registered with OPHS, you will not be issued a temporary parking permit. Temporary permits can be issued to registered students if their registered vehicle is not available to them on that day or a short period of time. (This could be due to a vehicle in the shop or a family member has taken their registered vehicle or they are in the process of changing registered vehicles)

    18. Traffic Laws and Rules: The maximum speed limit is 15 mph on campus. Violations for excessive speed may result in a disciplinary referral and/or loss of parking privileges. Pedestrians and school district vehicles will have the right of way at all times on campus.

    19. Disciplinary Action & Parking:  Students may lose parking privileges due to other disciplinary infractions.

    20. Remind Text Alert System:  All students who have parking privileges must subscribe to the Remind Text alert system.  We use this system to notify students for emergency purposes ONLY. 

    Revised 8/2020


    Violations Levels:

    • The 1st violation of the parking rules will initially have a violation tag adhered to their vehicle and the loss of their parking privileges for a minimum of 10 weeks.
    • For any subsequent violation a second violation tag adhered to the vehicle and the loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year at the discretion of the parking coordinator/adviser or Administrator of Student Activities.
    • Each violation after the 2nd offense will result in the immediate towing of the vehicle at the owner’s expense and a disciplinary referral.
    • Reckless driving will not be tolerated.  Students driving on campus in a reckless manner or found cutting through parking spaces to make a faster exit will lose their parking privileges immediately and/or receive a disciplinary referral.





    • The OPHS Administration reserves the right to change or modify all or any parking rule at their discretion.