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    I would like to begin with an introduction.  My name is Amy Klube and I am a school social worker in the High School.  I work specifically with House 1, Mrs. Stahl and Mr. Behm's, students as well as Mrs. Linder's students in House 3.  My office is located in House 1.  Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

    Amy Klube, LMSW
    Orchard Park High School
    House 1
    4040 Baker Rd.
    Orchard Park, NY 14127
    Office Hours 7:15am-2:45pm


    As the school social worker, I work very closely with the school counselors to make sure the emotional, behavioral and educational needs of our OPHS students are being met.  Areas I cover are extensive and can range from social issues to drug/alcohol problems to family dynamic issues.  My conversations with students are confidential unless a student is at risk of hurting himself or someone else.  This unique perspective often helps a student open up.  It is my personal philosophy to engage families in problem solving and work closely with students to help them to share concerning issues in their lives with their parents.  I strongly believe that collaboration and cooperation are key to  conquering difficulties.