Universal Pre-K

  • Thank you for your interest in the Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program through the Orchard Park Central School District.

    *Please note the UPK application deadline is TBD.  

    If you have questions about the UPK program please contact:

    Amy Woodward at 716-209-6367

    If you would like to drop off information please be sure to call the Central Registrar and make an appointment.  Registration for UPK is done by appointment only.

    Central Registrar Phone - (716) 209-6325
    Central Registrar Address - Orchard Park Central School District
    2240 Southwestern Blvd.
    West Seneca, NY 14224

    About UPK

    • The UPK program is limited to children who will be four years old by December 1st of the year they start the program
    • The Orchard Park Central School District partners with local pre-school providers for this program.  Due to capacity limitations, the program is not housed in our elementary school buildings.  Previous UPK partnerships have been: EduKids, YMCA, and Wee Can Preschool. 
    • In the fall of 2019, we launched UPK classes on-site at Eggert Road Elementary School.  One morning class and one afternoon class of up to 18 students were offered at Eggert Elementary, allowing us to serve 36 children in all.  These classes are 2.5 hours in length from either 9-11:30 AM or 12:45-3:15 PM, respectively.  We anticipate this change being beneficial to providing transitional support to children through increased Kindergarten readiness activities and collaboration with Kindergarten teachers.  Further, we anticipate increased collaboration with specialists to support our youngest learners with early interventions, such as occupational/physical therapists and speech therapists.
    • The program is a half-day program (2.5 hours daily).  Children will be selected to participate in either an AM or PM session. 
    • The program will follow the school district calendar, with an anticipated 180 days of student attendance.   
    • The program is based on anticipated state funding.  Typically, we do not learn until August as to whether or not we will have funding to run the program for that school year. 
    • There is limited availability for the program based on grant-funding.  During the 18-19 school year, there were 100 slots available for children.  If more children apply than there are available slots, the district will hold a random selection process (i.e. drawing names randomly in a lottery format).   
    • Families of multiples will have one application per family for the Orchard Park UPK program. If the family of multiples is drawn during the lottery, all children will be offered a UPK slot, except in the following case: The family of multiples is drawn when there are not enough remaining slots available for all eligible children (for example a family with twins is the 100th name drawn in the lottery).  In such situations, the family will have the opportunity to accept or decline the UPK slot. The remaining multiple(s) will be placed on the wait list for the next available UPK slot. It is understood that "first available" does not mean that multiples will be offered UPK slots at the same community based site.

    The following documents are attached below and are required for consideration to the program.

    • Completed Registration Forms
    • Completed Home Language Questionnaire
    • New York State Health Appraisal Form
    • Health Appraisal Addendum
    • Please provide the following documents: 

    Proof of residency (please read below regarding required proofs of residency)

    • Parent/Guardian's drivers license
    • Original birth certificate for your child
    • Vaccination records

    Should you have any questions, please call (716) 209-6367. Also, please feel click here to review our Frequently Asked Questions. 

    Completed applications should be returned in person by appointment only to: 
    Orchard Park Central School District - UPK
    2240 Southwestern Blvd.
    West Seneca, NY 14224

    The Central Registrar is available by appointment only Monday through Friday.

     **The Home Language Questionnaire below is in English.  Should you require it in another language, please visit the New York State Education Department website.

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