Counseling Center

  • The Middle School Counseling Center is committed to working with students, teachers and parents through counseling, coordinating, and consulting services. The counselor assigned will follow that student through sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

    Student schedules, report cards, interim reports, standardized tests, parent conferences, and student registration are coordinated through the Counseling Center. Counselors consult with students, parents, and staff on issues related to school success, performance, and transitioning from one grade to another.
    Counseling groups and individual sessions are offered to help students in a variety of situations as needed. If necessary, the counseling center will link a student or a family to an appropriate service provider.
    This site will make available to students, parents, and staff appropriate grade level information. It is designed as an additional resource for your convenience.   If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact your appropriate grade-level counselor or Counseling Center staff.

    Mrs. Phyllis Baldo
    Phone: 209-6233
    Fax: 209-6338

    Mrs. Lunduski
    Counselor Grade 6
    Ms. Nobel
    Counselor Grade 7
    Mrs. Clark
    Counselor Grade 8
    Mrs. Mulawka-Baumgartner
    Social Worker Grade 6
    Mrs. Kumro
    Social Worker Grade 7
    Mrs. Kajfasz
    Social Worker Grade 8
    Ms. Allison Weiler
    School Psychologist