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    Curriculum and Pupil Services Office 

    As reflected in our Vision and Mission Statements, we strive to support students to achieve their fullest potential.  This is done, first and foremost, by creating a safe and supportive learning environment.  Our character education programs and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program provide a foundation to our school climate and culture.  From there, teachers and staff utilize instructional strategies, resources, and learning activities to engage students to reach their fullest potential.  

    At the elementary level, students' instructional needs are met through differentiated instruction.  Using guided reading and the Reading Workshop model, students are challenged and supported to read text at their "right fit" level.  Within a classroom, an advanced student may be reading beyond grade level text, while a student who needs additional time and support may be reading a text at grade level.  

    Technology is infused in our program to support collaboration, creativity and communication.  Our 1:1 initiative entered its final phase in 2020, and now all students in grades K-12 have access to a Chromebook.  We strive for a responsible and healthy balance of screen time, with structured computer classes where computer and technological skills are developed.  We also value time when technology is strategically limited during the school day.  This provides the much-needed emphasis on fine and gross motor development with younger learners, and face-to-face interpersonal communications for all students.  The Chromebooks are a critical tool in supporting remote learning at times when we cannot be in school for in-person learning.

    Beginning at the middle school level, there are additional choices and opportunities for students ready to be challenged, which extend to our high school level. Opportunities include accelerated courses, honors level programming, and Advanced Placement (where students follow a college level curriculum).  Our belief that middle and high school should be times of individual exploration - to learn about yourself, your talents, and your interests - are reflected in the comprehensive nature of our program.  The rich variety of elective courses, after school clubs, activities, athletics, and opportunities to participate in the visual and performing areas are extensive.  Whether studying a foreign language or participating in our Academy of Finance, students have choice and opportunity.

    Our faculty benefits from an extensive staff development program to stay with the most current research, literature, and instructional strategies. Our students' success is attributed to their own commitment to learning, our strong parental interest and support, quality instructional materials and curriculum, and a highly dedicated faculty, staff, and administration.

    Orchard Park Central School District's Vision Statement

    We give our students the vision to reach for the stars, the skills and fortitude to climb the ladder, and the wisdom to appreciate the beauty of the journey.

    Mission Statement

    Through partnership with families, community, and the Orchard Park Central School District, students will:

    • Achieve their fullest potential
    • Develop critical thinking, creativity, and character
    • Become healthy, lifelong learners
    • Be responsible and contributing members of an ever-changing and global society

    Guiding Principles

    Our belief in fostering partnerships with parents, students and the community to provide an education of distinction and excellence has led to the formulation of these Guiding Principles.

    Orchard Park Central School District will:

    • Provide a healthy, safe and innovative learning environment.
    • Focus resources on the continuous improvement of student achievement, citizenship and character development.
    • Make informed decisions based on data analysis, educational research, and professional and/or community input.
    • Foster a professional learning community that is enhanced through the support of staff development, ongoing curriculum evaluation and design, effective instructional practices and integrated technology.
    • Embrace and encourage communication, accountability, long range planning and fiscal responsibility among constituent groups.
  • Lisa Krueger
    Dr. Lisa Krueger
    Assistant Superintendent for
    Curriculum & Pupil Services