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  • Game #1 Summary:  The girls earned a win!  All players played meaningful minutes and it was nice to play against someone else other than each other!  We ran the court and showed some satisfactory man to man defense.  Still plenty to work on but that's what practices are for...

    Kassy had 8 steals and played with max effort all game.  Ella played a solid game in the paint and Halle played more mature than the 7th grader she is at PG. She earned POG honors.  I did forget the POG feather boa but we will get a picture of Halle with it on the announcements next week! 

    Hamburg will surely be talented and prepared next week.  We will have to improve in our 3 practices next week in order to match them!  #All17 #OPNE

    Game #2 Summary:  We played with our three core principles!  We played aggressive man to man D, played help D, and ran the court!  These paired with great effort will keep us going strong.  The girls started fast and took a quick 8-point lead.  Hamburg couldn't catch us after that!  Unselfish play and effort led the way! 

    Kassy was 5 for 6 from the field with 10 points and 9 steals (could be more I may have missed) which earned her POG honors!  

    Enjoy your Winter Recess, rest up, spend time with family and friends and have fun.  We are all very lucky and hopefully take some time to reflect on that.  #All17 #OPNE

    12 19 hoops

    Game #3 Summary: While we definitely looked rusty our talent proved to be better than the team we faced today!  The girls earned a 7 point win and advanced to 3-0 on the season!  There were many POG options but Bruuuuce played a strong final 3 minutes scoring 4 points, including 2 free throws, and gathering 2 rebounds to secure the dub!  Back to work tomorrow so we can polish up some things and get ready for West Seneca West on Thursday!  #OPNE #All17


    Game #4 Summary:  WSW was ready to play!  We did not play our best game and got away from our core principles but we did enough to pull off the win to advance to 4-0.  All of the girls played meaningful minutes in the game again and contributed positively to the win.  At the end of the contest we had some big rebounds by Salgado and Connors to secure the victory.  We are looking to add some grit and intensity in our future games.  We are looking to "do simple better".  We want to run the court, play good MTM and help D, and rebound!  We learned some valuable lessons and they will help us in the near future versus Lancaster and Clarence.  Can't wait for the challenge!  #All17 #OPNE

    Game #5 Summary:  We had some positives from our first loss for sure!  We played an energetic and disciplined first quarter.  The Quakers looked good and played strong.  Our opponent went on a tear after that with energy, aggressiveness, and great shooting!  We ended up chasing points and without being able to press this is very challenging!  The girls continued to hang in there until the Legends pulled away.  Ella Merritt played an extremely strong game.  She showed offensive and defensive improvement and her play is trending up as she earned POG honors with 8 points and 5 rebounds!  We face another strong team Friday @ Windom @ 5pm!  This game should help us prepare to play all 7-minutes per quarter for four quarters!  #All17 #OPNE 

     game 5


     Game #6 Summary:  It was a challenging week for the Quakers!  Lancaster and Clarence are tough teams.  The second time we face these teams we know how we have to play.  The exciting part is there are positives to take away from both losses and hopefully they prove to be motivating.  Some good offensive games by Halle Senfield and Ella Blake led the way on the scoreboard today while Ava Bruce and Ava Mills kicked in with some important rebounds!  Next Tuesday's game marks the beginning of FULL basketball rules.  ECIC limits man to man defense only and no back court defense the first time you play an opponent.  We should now see some scrappy intense hoops in maroon and white!  #All17 #OPNE

    Game #7 Summary:  It's ok to be served humble pie in life!  It can prove to be very motivational and push us to a better place as long as we approach the practices and games that follow with attention to detail, hustle and 100% effort!  We got a bit closer to that tonight.  The whole team played meaningful minutes and I saw girls fighting for jump balls, hustling back on defense, and some improved rebounding at times.  We had some improved communication between players and better communication between players and coach.  Those are the things I love to see as we progress through the season.  If the girls learn that in modified they will be set up well in the future!  It was a team boa award as everyone played an important role!  #All17 #OPNE

    pic 6

    Game #8 Summary:  I had the best seat in the house!  It was great watching all of the Quakers have fun, hustle, and contribute to a win!  All of the players did exactly that.  All 16 (Brooke is recovering) contributed positively to the win!  Scout Moskal earned POG Honors as she played a very strong PG position offensively and defensively!  The best part of the day was many others played well enough to earn the honor.  Let's keep it rolling... #All17 #OPNE


    Game #9 Summary:  Some good things in this game for sure!  An 8-0 lead after Q1 was impressive.  Equally impressive was the team's ability to overcome a late deficit to earn a win.  The improved understanding and implementation of a 3-2 zone D and our Buffalo press were the best parts.  The rebounding was better and the team, IMO, looked tougher!  We had some fights for loose balls and aggressive play.  Those qualities make a team tough to play against!   Ella Blake was superb in her help with the press as she handled the ball well and was a great court communicator!  She earned POG!   #OPNE #All17


    Game #10 Summary:  IMO our best 3+ quarters of the season thus far!  Excellent aggressive defense, improved rebounding, and nice offensive efficiency had us in a position to finish the game in a great spot.  A fluky hustle type injury suspended the game but your efforts were recognized!  Another experience to build upon.  At WSW we were flustered by a crowd and learned to focus on "us".  Yesterday we learned that athletes can and will have injuries.  Caring for each other and respecting our opponents is key.  Nicely done ladies...can't wait for the rest of the season!  #OPNE #All17

    Game #11 Summary:  Pride!  Pride!  Pride!  Effort, hustle, attention to detail, etc... all night at home last night!  I certainly have the best seat in the house!  We have one more tune up before tomorrow's big week.  I can't wait.  You guys are ready for the challenge!  Salgado with nice play when she was called on with defense, rebounding and max hustle earned her POG!  There were many possibilities as strong games led to a commanding win!  

     Game #12 Summary:  Cancelled due to snow day!

    Game #13 Summary:  The Quakers revenged an earlier loss to the Legends with a strong second half in today's game.  The full court press and timely steals earned the team the win!  I was happy for the team as they learned they are capable of beating any team with teamwork and max effort!  POG honors went to Kaylie Dickman who has improved all season and has been very coachable.  Halle Senfield played an inspired gritty game on little rest!  Kassy Spitz came up with some big D stops.  Ella Blake contributed all over the court as per usual.  Abby Fitz ran the court and had some nice slashes to the basket!  Many others played a good game individually as well!!!!  Basketball is a true team game though and it showed in the second half!



    Game #13 Summary:  Not exactly the way we wanted to finish!  That being said I hope the girls enjoyed the season, learned a lot and grew their knowledge of the game!  I will always be available for advice or help if I can offer it in any way!  Thanks to the parents for their support of their daughters!  It takes a village and I am grateful as are the girls! Enjoy your Feb. break and offeseason!  Good luck in your spring sport! McDonald's stop with 30+ MS's was quite the experience BTW!  LOL-  #OPNE #ALL17

    ***JV Coach Ms. Maxwell will have a mtg at the end of the season to invite girls to the JV Summer League and share info re:  2020-2021 JV season!




    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the generous and thoughtful coach gifts!  This season has been fun and as I always say I have had the best seat in the gym!  

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