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    There is no substitute for hard work...Make an effort to stay after when you need help...Don't wait until the last minute!  We are here almost everyday to assist you...Please take advantage of this...Email me to make sure I'll be after school when you need MGavin@opschools.org (not case sensitive)

    I try to look at my emails as often as possible...

    I enjoy Math.  The possibilities are endless when numbers come up as if in an infinite spiral!

    Not everyone shares this love. We need to understand numbers to help us to explain our universe.   Embrace this and ask for help along the way with learning how math works and how it better explains our world.   On the "my links" page there are many ways for you to do this on your own.  Also look at "my resources" for other login pages.  Don't settle for ignorance or fear of the number world.   It is there to help and guide you through life's challenges.

    p.s. if you are having any trouble(technical trouble not academic-technical meaning forgetting password, etc) completing Castle Learning assignments for any teacher you can call their customer support number at 1-800-345-7606 between 8am and 8pm...they welcome your call!