Computers and Literacy Grade 6



    GRADE 6


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    Computers and Literacy consists of several areas of computer skill development including proper keyboarding skills, word processing, Digital Safety, and basic Google skills.  This class meets every day for ten weeks (one quarter).  An emphasis on literacy is incorporated into all assignments.


    1.  Students will be able to Keyboard with few errors using proper techniques in a reasonable amount of time. (15 wpm w/one error)

    2.  Students will be able to use various applications to produce quality work.

    3.  Students will realize the importance of proofreading and editing to improve literacy and writing.

    4.  Students will appreciate the importance of learning to use the computer as a tool for completing various types of assessments.

    Software Applications/Websites:

    All The Right Type, Google Applications, Web 2.0 Tools.   

    Grades:  You will receive class average at 5 weeks and a final grade at the end of 10 weeks.  Remember you can check the parent portal at any time.

    You will be graded on the following criteria:

    1.  Computer skills

    2.  Class assignments—late assignments and corrections will not be accepted after five school days from the due date—*if you receive a grade below an 80 on an assignment, you will be asked to complete corrections.

    *  There will be no time extensions on ATRT Mid-Term/Final Project


    You are responsible to make up work missed when you are absent.  Please see me so that we can set up deadlines.

    (Note:  You do not need any supplies for this class--but bring your agenda.)

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