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    The Orchard Park Central School District and the Town of Orchard Park have come together to assist the families of the community by opening the Orchard Park Central School District Family Solutions Center, located within the Orchard Park Community Center at 4520 California Road.  The center will officially begin serving community families on Monday, September 19th.

    The Family Solutions Center will support district and community families with school-age children by providing direct counseling services to families, hosting parenting classes, and providing resources.  The mental health professionals at the Family Solution Center will work with families to promote problem-solving strategies to develop healthy relationships using solution-focused communication.  By recognizing the family as the most significant influence in the development of a child, mental health professionals will optimize student success by empowering families. The Family Solutions Center is not a mental health clinic but provides counseling to families to address parenting, school, social/emotional and behavioral issues that interfere with a family's well-being.  
    The words looking to donate and the Family Solutions Center logoSeveral Orchard Park Central School District social workers and counselors will serve the Family Solutions Center. Katie Connelly, social worker, will serve as the Family Solutions Center Coordinator, and will conduct the initial consultation with families.  She and mental health professionals will provide counseling services to families.  While Ann Linder, school counselor, will serve as the Transition & Pupil Support Services Coordinator, focusing on resource coordination for families.  

    In addition to providing counseling and educational opportunities for families, the goal of the center is to increase the services provided, to include a clothing closet, holiday donation coordination, camp scholarships for children, and food or other items of need.  Stay tuned to learn more about the Family Solutions Center, its current offerings and the plans to grow the program in the future.

    “The opening of our Family Solutions Center would not be possible without the support of the Town of Orchard Park. We are so appreciative of Eugene Majchrzak, Town Supervisor, and Sue Hemingway, Community Activity Center Coordinator, for their collaboration,” Lisa Krueger, Ed.D said.  “Together, we are assisting the families of our community.”


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