A Message from the Principal

  • Children are our most precious resources.  We find them possessing a variety of behaviors, personalities, and abilities.  In order to best serve our students, it is imperative to create a comprehensive school community.  Our students need to feel embraced and secure in their school.  They must also experience a level of caring and support they can depend on day in and day out.  It is when students experience this sense of belonging and comfort that they will be best prepared to reach their academic potentials.  My job is to facilitate such an environment. 

    Through collaboration and cooperation, our teachers and support staff work to ensure our children will be provided a quality level of instruction.   Mastering content and skill development are the ultimate goals of the program.  However, offering a truly academic environment depends on the co-curricular opportunities available to our students.  Art, music, physical education, technology, along with having access to quality literature offerings, allows students to experience what I call the essentials to a comprehensive school. 

    I am very proud to lead a dedicated faculty and staff who work tirelessly to create a school environment which is academically oriented and promotes excellence.  Whether students are in a general education classroom, our Spectrum gifted and talented group, an academic support program and/or a physical education class, the expectation is that they will encounter a quality experience that will benefit them in their educational development.   

    I invite our Eggert families to partner with me and the caring professionals who work with our children as we prepare them academically and socially to successfully meet the opportunities and challenges that await them.  Together we will accomplish much and ultimately create a school culture in which our students will flourish. 

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  • Terrence Tryon
    Mr. Terence Tryon
    Eggert Road
    Elementary Principal