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    Eggert Elementary Dismissal Procedures

    Student Pick Up at Dismissal

    • For the continued safety and well being of children being picked up from school, the dismissal policy is as follows:
    • Students being picked up will be released from classrooms at 3:15 pm and report to the Large Cafeteria.
    • Students will sit at designated tables to wait for their name to be called by a member of the Dismissal Team.
    • Parents will enter Small Cafeteria through the south side door to pick up children at dismissal. Parents who pick up their children regularly should send one note outlining specific days and duration of pickup that will kept on file in the Main Office. For students who are not regularly picked up, the parent should send a note in with their child that morning with all necessary pickup details. All parents should be prepared to present their photo ID to a member of the Dismissal team stationed in the Small Cafeteria.
    • If someone other than the parent or legal guardian will be picking up a student at dismissal, a note should be sent in with the child indicating the full legal name of the individual that has permission to pick up a specific child.
    • Once a student's name is called in the Large Cafeteria, that student will be matched with their parents/guardians in the Small Cafeteria and will leave through the same side exit door.
    • To expedite this procedure it is paramount to send a note with your child.


    Student Bus Transportation at Dismissal

    • Students are transported to and from school by bus. Children are only allowed to get off the bus at their regular stop. Being discharged at a location other than their regular bus stop (i.e. a friend's house) requires a written request, in advance, from the parent/guardian and approval from the school office. A verbal request is not acceptable.
    • Any student requiring a long term drop off at a location that is not their regular bus stop (i.e. babysitter who resides within the Eggert attendance boundaries), an Alternate Site Form must be submitted and approved by the Transportation Dept. in advance. Forms are available from Transporation (209-6237) or in the Eggert Main Office.

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