Orchard Park Parent-Teacher's Organization, Inc.

  • The Orchard Park Parent-Teacher's Organization, Inc. (PTO) is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt group established to promote the welfare of children in our schools and the cooperation between home and school.  The PTO is managed by a Board of Directors known as Central Council. Central Council is comprised of the Presidents of each of the local unit PTOs, four Central Council officers, and the President of the Orchard Park Teacher Association. For more information about Central Council, click here.

    The members of the PTO consist of the local unit PTOs at each of the six district schools: Eggert Elementary, Ellicott Elementary, South Davis Elementary, Windom Elementary, the Middle School, and the High School. For more information about the local unit PTOs, please click on the links below.

    The local unit PTOs operate independently but under the Bylaws established by Central Council. 

    Please click each link to access that school's PTO. 

    Eggert PTO, Ellicott PTO, South Davis PTO, Windom PTO, Middle School PTO, High School PTO

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