Welcome to the Ellicott Elementary

    5180 Ellicott Rd,  Orchard Park, NY 14127

    (716) 209 - 6278  Phone Line 

    (716) 209 - 6203  FAX LINE Phone 


    Mr. Paul Pietrantone   PPietrantone@opschools.org
    Principal & DASA Coordinator


    Mrs. Judi Kozoduj  JKozoduj@opschools.org
    Office Administrative Assistant


    Mrs. Melissa Odrzywolski  MOdrzywolski@opschools.org 
    School Nurse 

               Automated Attendance Line  209-6102
               Office Line: 209-6276



    We will give our students the vision to reach for the stars, the skills and fortitude to climb the ladder,and the wisdom to appreciate the beauty of the journey.