AIS Plan - Orchard Park Central School District Academic Intervention Plan

  • At the July 2016 meeting of the Board of Regents, the Board voted to amend Commissioner's Regulations (section 100.2) regarding the methodology by which school districts identify students in grades 3-8 to receive Academic Intervention Services (AIS).  These changes became effective July 27, 2016.

    In alignment with these changes, the Orchard Park Central School District will follow a two-step process for determining student eligibility for AIS.  The two steps are as follows:

    1.  All students performing below the median scale score between a level2/partially proficient and a level 3/proficient on a grade 3-8 ELA or mathematics state assessment shall be considered for AIS. 

    2.  Students who score below the median scare score between level 2 and level 3 are identified as eligible for AIS.  In the second step of this process, consideration will be given to a second data point to determine which students shall receive AIS.

    The Orchard Park Central School District has determined the following uniform data points:
           Grades 3-5:  FASTBridge screening tool in reading and mathematics;
           Grades 6-8: Orchard Park Middle School final exam in ELA and mathematics.

    For additional information, please refer to the District's Prereferral Intervention Strategies Policy (policy #7616). 

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