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    Hi everyone. 

    If you haven’t already had a chance to check out the resources put out by the district, please check your inbox or the district website for directions to obtaining the District plan for continuing home education while we are away.  I have had a chance to review some of the links and I am pleased with the material so far.   I know there is a plan to push more activities and interactive materials out in the future.  Just keep your eye on that. 

    I hope you are all well.  I have been getting myself situated at home, my daughter situated out in Denver trying to manage college for the end of this year and the beginning of next.  I have also been juggling a situation with my father who is in the hospital (not related to the virus).   If I delay in getting things out from time to time just know I will be as accommodating as I can. 

    I would like to help you keep the kids on some semblance of a routine while they are home.   Just so you know, we are not allowed to given any new material.  We are not allowed to grade anything.  There will be no expectation to have anything turned in, or completed.  It is just there for you to use as you see fit while we are away from school.  **To access materials I can help with forgotten passwords and minor technical issues. 

    I will be adding things to the list as time passes.  (**This is a good time to explore my page for links, resources and materials that can be used for any work)

    The remainng part of this message is in your email. 

    1. To Sign in at home:  Go to Chrome (to use any of our programs)
    Chrome Instructions
    Your Username is: 
    Your Password:  school password 
    2. To Sign in to and Access All Classroom Apps on Clever Portal Follow this link:
    Welcome everyone to a new year. I am excited to have everyone here this year.  It is a great start and the children are doing so well. Thank you.
    This is my Parent Portal of sorts available to you and your children and will provide valuable information throughout the year. Please access it anytime as class and school information, templates, instructions, work samples as well as helpful links to NYS curriculum will be available. 
    Some information is from last year and you will be welcome to view through it to get a snap shot of what I may try this year.  Much of the student work will come down to make room for you however. 
     In order to align with our Wellness initiative at school, we are asking parents and kids to think about healthy snacks to bring to school like fruits and vegetables as a healthy option. And of course we will welcome snacks your children already have and like.  It will also make it easy to keep track of those snacks that may be an allergy concern.
     How to?????
    Open any link to the side to find helpful information.   Look  for You tube links for Math Lessons that you can view to help with math. They are very helpful. 
    Please contact me anytime, I will set up an email list to get more information out for the year, but this web page is a good start. 






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