• Click on the link below to enter the contest!  Just complete the Google Form. It can be completed on a computer, Chromebook, or any device in your classroom.  Only 1 entry per student. I will begin to draw names on Wednesday 6/19. Good luck! 



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  • auction

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  • Practice your decimal number skills by clicking any of the links below!

    what is a decimal  fraction to decimal song  decimal game   decimal game 2   decimal game 3   

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  • Reviewing equivalent frations!

    triplets game   equal fractions song   fractions on number line

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    4th Grade Field Day will be held Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    • Parents wishing to take their children home early may sign them out with their teachers on the field
    • If you wish to take siblings home early, please write an early dismissal note in the morning, and take your 4th grader with you to the front desk to sign out sibling(s)
    • Bathrooms are open for spectators but you must access them through the front door of the school. Please have ID available for sign in
    • Should Field Day be postponed, the office will send out a message by email and a note will be put on SeeSaw before 9:00. Rain date for 4th grade field day will be Friday, June 7th.
    • Thank you to all parents and guardians who assisted with the planning of Field Day!
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  • field day

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    This Wednesday, June 5th is 4th grade field day. Please make sure your child has his/her school colors on (South Davis t-shirt/ sweatshirt or any t-shirt/ sweatshirt in school colors).  Room parents are organizing healthy snacks and water bottles/juice boxes.  Your child is still encouraged to bring his/her own water bottle.

    Students will start their warm-ups at 9:30 a.m. Lunch break will be around 12:25 and students will be back on the field by 1:25 for student and parent stations. Field day will end at approximately 2:30. You may sign your child out at that time or he/she may remain in school until normal dismissal time. We hope this helps in planning for your day!




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  • Check out the Ospreys at Tift Farm:


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  • Use the links below to work with fractions!

    fraction tiles   fractions


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  • The Spring Book Fair is this week. Mrs. MacDonald's class and Ms. Kelly/Mrs. Tundo's class will go on Wednesday, May 22nd. Mrs. Rudnicki's class will go on Thursday, May 23rd


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  • Thank you so much for all the appreciation gifts, cards, flowers and the terrific lunch!flowers

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  • math test

    New York State Math Test will take place tomorrow morning, Wednesday, May 1 and Thursday morning, May 2. Have a good night's rest and eat a healthy breakfast! 

    Average time to complete 30 multiple choice questions tomorrow is 1 hour and 15 min.

    Average time to complete 8 multiple choice, 6 short response and 1 extended response on Thursday is also 1 hour and 15 min.

    you can do it   

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  • Review symmetry with the links below and review your notes in your notebook!

    symmetry song    symmetry activity   math notebook

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  • Identify triangles based on their angles as acute, right, or obtuse. Practice here by clicking on the game below.  Listen to the song for review as well!

    types of triangles   triangle song

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  • Practice measuring to the nearest, quarter, eighth, sixteenth of an inch using the links below.

    measuring game   ruler game

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  • Poetry Month

    To celebrate Poetry Month, local poet and South Davis friend, Ms. Amy Ludwig-Vanderwater is writing a poem each day throughout April. Her poems are at The Poem Farm http://www.poemfarm.amylv.com/. Each day there will be a new poem about John, and his dog, Betsy. 

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  • Use the links below to practice your protractor skills. How well can you use a protractor to measure angles?

     measure angles   guess the angle   bow and angle game protractor game   angle song

    alien angles   rocket angles

    Don't forget to check out what we are doing in math class by looking at the math notebook online! All students have the same notebook pages in their notebooks that are kept in class. They may take them home at any time, but MUST be returned every day.

    Click on MacDonald Math (left side menu) or the image below to view!

    math notebook


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  • To help us with our study of equivalent fractions, try the links below!

    fraction book   equal fractions   equal fractions game   fraction models fractions song   simplify fractions song   x fractions by whole numbers

    If you are at the game station watch this video first, to see how to play Race to One Whole!

    game video



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  • Listen to the songs and play the game below to review what prime, composite and square numbers are!

    song   prime song   prime song   prime number game

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  • We will be snowshoeing on TUESDAY, JANUARY 29th.

    Please dress apprpriately (warm jacket, snow pants, gloves or mittens, hat, boots) we will be outside for about an hour.

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  • Click on the picture to listen to the song about multiplying 2 double digit numbers with the area model! Practice multiplying by multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000 by clicking on the Pirate Game below.

    area model song  game

    Still getting area and perimter confused? Watch the video below.

    area perimeter video

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  • Click the picture below to read more about Martin Luther King Jr. and other important leaders!


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  • Perimeter and Area! What's the difference? How can we tell them apart? Listen to the song and use the practice links!

    perimeter area song   perimeter game

      a and p

    area explorer

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  • Don't forget to check out what we are doing in math class by looking at the math notebook online! All students have the same notebook pages in their notebooks that are kept in class. They may take them home at any time, but MUST be returned every day.

    Click on MacDonald Math (left side menu) or the image below to view!

    math notebook

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  • Have fun practicing your math facts in all 4 operations, just click below!

    math facts    math facts

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  • Use the link below to practice the U.S. standard algorithm of subtraction! Regrouping makes so much more sense! 

    * This site requires Java which (for some reason that I don't know) is not compatible with Chrome, therefore, you must use Internet Explorer as your web browser.

    subtraction algorithm

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  • Practice learning your multiples here! Skip counting fun!


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  • Practice finding the perimeter of irregular shapes or just rectangles! Click the link below to practice adding all the sides or each shape!

    perimeter   perimeter explorer

    Play the game below to practice some more!

    perimeter game

    Click the link below to hear a short song about perimeter!


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  • This Saturday, November 10th is the WNY Childrens Book Expo at the Buffalo Convention Center. It is a great place to see new books and to meet authors. More information can be found here:

    Book Expo Schedule

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  • Just a reminder: Friday, October 19th is picture day. 

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  •  Earth Spirit Field Trip

      On Friday, September 26th we will be walking to Green Lake to learn about plants, animals. land and water. We will be walking from school and should be at Green Lake at about 9:50. We will be returning to school in time for lunch. Please dress according to the weather and wear old sneakers or boots. Parents and guardians are welcome.

     Permission slips have been sent home and should be returned by Tuesday, October 23rd. 

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  • Remember to practice your basic math facts daily!

    basic facts

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  • Review rounding by watching this music video!

    rounding song

    Try any of these rounding games for extra practice this week!

    rounding sharks   rounding spaceships   town creator rounding   sea life rounding


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  • See Saw is a wonderful tool that allows parents and guardians to see a child's learning throughout the year. If you'd like to sign up, and need new directions please contact Ms. Kelly. 

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  • Click below to review our basic place value skills!

    place value millions   place value billions   comma song   mystery numbers

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  • Looking for something to do this weekend?  Review and practice your money skills with the links below! 

    coins song   money game

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  • Wear your dots tomorrow (Sept. 13) for International Dot Day!

    dots   dots

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  • Field Trip Dates

    Friday. October 26th (morning): Earth Spirit at Green Lake


    Friday, March 22th (morning): Earth Spirit- maple sugaring at Taylor Road Family Recreational Facitility, Hamburg. 

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  • Thank you for coming to Parent Night!!!!

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  • Reminder!!!!! 4th Grade Parent Information Night for all 4th Grade Classes

    Important Date

    When: Monday, September 10th: 6:30-7:00

    Who: Parents Only

    Where: SD Cafeteria

    What: Please attend if you'd like to find out more about your child's 4th grade year with us. We will meet in the cafeteria for a quick presentation. We will cover routines, procedures, curriculum, and grade level website. Hopefully this information will give you a better idea of what your child's year will look like. Open House is scheduled the following week, Sept. 18th. No presentations will be given during Open House. 

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  • Take our 4th grade survey by clicking the survey button below. The 4th grade teachers are looking forward to knowing a little more about you! 


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  • 4th Grade Supply List 2018-2019

    Thank you for helping your child begin fourth grade in an organized manner. Most of the supplies should last all year. Thank you in advance for all your support in 4th grade!

    1 pack of colored pencils or crayons

    4 marble composition notebooks

    1 blue 2 pocket folder with prongs
    1 red 2 pocket folder with prongs
    2 yellow 2 pocket folders with prongs

    2 black 2 pocket folders with prongs
    1 green 2 pocket folder 

    1 take home folder (any kind)

    3-4 Paper Mate black flair pens

    30-40 sharpened #2 pencils for the year (please-no mechanical pencils)

    6 rolls of Scotch tape (2 per marking period)

    2 or 3 large glue sticks

    6-9 post-it note pads (3 x 3, any color)

    headphones (to connect to Chrome Book)

    1 soft zipper supply case (no plastic boxes please)

    Wish List Items (optional…but donations are kindly accepted)
    * Wet Wipes (non-toxic)
    * Tissues
    * Ziploc baggies (any size)

    please label all items clearly with your child's name

    Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in September!

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  • Remember your daily math homework: practice your math facts (all operations) for 5-7 min. Click on the images below to get going!

     math fact practice   facts

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  • Readers Workshop TED Talks

    (Session 5 HW: 11/28/17)

    Click here to watch the Mathemagic TED Talk

    Click here to watch the "Science is for Everyone" TED Talk

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  • I Love SchooBoy

    Thanks for visiting our fourth grade website! We are so excited to be working with you this year.

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