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    Families can apply for free breakfast/lunch during these uncertain times. Please email Jeff Petrus at jpetrus@opschools.org for more information. We have been sending emails, if you have not received one please check and update your contact information in Powerschool!

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Have you done your REFLEX this week? (reflexmath.com username is ttundo and password is your 9 digit code)

  • Click the image below for some important wellness inforatmion.

    Wellness Info

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  • Fantastic Friday...

    Time for Kids!!!!

    1. Careers-Books

      Are you interested in being a writer when you get older? Do you like comics?

    Read about authors Raina Telgemeier (Smile) and Jerry Craft (New Kid) as they talk about how comics they had when they were younger influenced the graphic novels they are famous for today.

    Click on the image to read the article:

    Comic Craze                 and     8 Questions for Jerry Kraft

    comics                        kraft

    2. Environment

    What is a Pika? How can we protect them?

    Read about Wildlife Crossings and why they are so successful with drivers and animals.


    If you'd like to color a peacock, go down to Related Files to print one out.




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  • Thinking Thursday...

    (these are additional activities not on the instructional outline) Animal Theme: animal word logic, animal reading passage with questions, collection of animal articles, math pet logic puzzle and animal rescue fraction game

     animal word logic

    Animal Rescue Expert  animal articles      pet logic puzzle math   fraction game Animal Rescue

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  • Wordy Wednesday...

    1. Journal Entry 

    In your journal write about one of the following topics.

    Describe your best day ever. When was it? What made it the best day ever?


    What traits or behaviors bug you the most? How do you deal with people who bug you?

    Write a good journal entry:

    • Put the date on the first line.
    • Have a cool title
    • Write or print NEATLY. Make all your letters touch the line, leave spaces between words
    • Indent paragraphs if necessary
    • Make sure you have at least 60 words and at least 6 sentences
    • Begin your sentences in different ways
    • Read over your paragraph(s) to make sure they make the best sense

    2. Instant Challenge 

    Practice your creativity (and possibly, your communication and cooperation)

    Some of you did this in school. Try it again with the permission of a parent. Use a timer and do it yourself or maybe your siblings would like to try it with you.

    This challenge does involve things (paper clips, rubber bands etc.)

    First of all, if you don’t have something you can totally replace it with something you do have (if you do not have straws, use pencils). Secondly, it is your responsibility to totally clean everything up when you are finished. Thirdly, if you do the challenge, send a picture to Ms. Kelly and she’ll try to post them on our website. Good luck!

    Instant Challenge 1       Instant 2

    Build the Alphabet Instant Challenge

    Everyone is familiar with the alphabet, right? Your task today is to create the alphabet from the construction materials you see listed below. You must create as many letters as possible in five minutes.

    The letters must be created in alphabetical order- you can't jump to easy letters. Team members may not speak during this time. You will be notified when you have only one minute remaining. You will receive one point for every complete recognizable letter.


    2 straws       1 aluminum foil square

    5 paperclips   1 length of string

    10 toothpicks   3 rubber bands

    1 clothespin   2 plastic lids *   1 scissors* 

    * can not be changed

    April 1



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  • Try it Tuesday

    1. MindUp: Kindness

     Performing Acts of Kindness

     Continuing with Taking Action Mindfully, Lesson 13-15

    Apply mindful behaviors to our interactions with our community and the world: Expressing Gratitude, Performing Acts of Kindness, Taking Mindful Action in the World

     Why Practice Kindness & Compassion?

    “Practicing compassion and empathy builds the social and emotional competence that children need in order to be resilient and confident.”   

    The MindUp Curriculum

    Activity: View the videos below. Then reflect on some ways you could practice kindness this week!

    Changing   life vest

    Putting it into Practice: Secret Agent Steps to Kindness


    1. Brainstorm anonymous acts of kindness, or jobs, and select Secret Agent names for yourself. Some ideas might include: leaving a kind note for a parent/sibling help with a chore around the house without being asked, play with your younger brother or sister.
    2. Once you select their jobs and verbally commit to honor those jobs,  perform their acts of kindness every day for a week.

    3.  At the end of the week, have write reflections in your journal on how their jobs have affected them and those around them.

    2. Forces

    How does motion energy move and change?
    How does speed affect motion energy?

    What causes moving objects to slow down? Think about what happens when things CRASH. Try it with two objects (balls, toy cars, etc) and, in your journal, make a model to show what happens. Change the speed of travel and notice the difference. Write about what you notice and what you wonder.

    Watch Brainpop: Forces (remember: login with Clever or use: southdavis and lab


    1. Watch the brainpop twice, then take the quiz and see how you do.
    2. Click on “Related Files” and learn about a number of different forces in Real Life and learn about the force of gravity in The Final Frontier.



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  • Weekly Outline for week of March 30th. If you'd like you may click below to finish reading or reread the entire book: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. (this is the read aloud book we were using for our historical ficiton book club unit of Readers Workshop)

    week of March 30 Number the Stars

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  • Math Monday...

    Spend 15-20 min. on REFLEX every day! Some time this week you may want to review pages 11-20 in the math notebook posted under "MacDonald Math", try the attached review games, math mission pages 1-4, and challenge question below!  

     math mission 25   mission 25 answers quick division video    vertical area model division review game   divide with remainders video   division with R game    

     fraction addition game adding fractions video   adding fractions game   

    Watch this short video to review how to add fractions with like demoninators!

    This Week's Challenge Questions: (Solutions will be posted on Friday)

    1. Brianna raised $12 for the food bank last year and she raised 6 times as much money this year. How much money did she raise this year?  Brianna raised $72 beacause 12 x 6 = 72 Bri's tape diagram
    2. Emma raised $15 for the PTO and Enora raised $45. How many times as much money did Enora raise as compared to Emma? Enora raised 3 times the amount of money as Emma. 45 / 15 = 3 or 45 = 15 x ?  Enora's tape diagram
    3. John raised $45 for the animal shelter, which was 3 times as much money as Thomas raised. How much money did Thomas raise? Thomas raised $15 because 15 = 45 / 3 or 45 = 3 x ? Thomas' tape diagram


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  • Click the images below to view what Mrs. Glasgow, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Kreutinger, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Spitz and Mr. Gibson would like you to work on this coming week!  If you play an instrument, see what Mrs. Dormann and Mr. Kontrabecki have planned for you, click the 2nd image below to enlarge.

    special areas  instrumental music  

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  • Fantastic Friday...

    Engineering: A Better Brush

    Visit Scholastic by clicking the images below to read about someone whose everyday life inspired her to invent something useful. Then, watch the video: Inventions from Nature to learn how adaptations of plants and animals have inspired different inventions

    .cat   Inventions


    Life Science: Creature Close Up

    Do you have an interest in photography? Does working with animals interest you?

    Check out this article about photographer Joel Sartore who travels the world to take pictures of endangered animals. Look at the “Words to Know” section. Some of those words are (hopefully) familiar to you.

    Creature  shark    

    Click on the shark picture if you would like to print it out to color.

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  • Thinking Thursday...

    Click on the image below to read: What Causes the Seasons to Change? and answer the attached questions in a journal or print them out if you are able. Watch the Brainpop video on Seasons and try the quiz too! (login with Clever)

    What causes the seasons    brainpop video

    Reading Passage Answer Key

    ...and try this Spring math area model puzzle!

    spring area model

    Answers: snail = 20, flower = 10, butterfly = 2, seedling = 20, sun = 1, flower pot = 20 (partial products: 200+20+20+2 = 242 )

     How to Solve the Spring Logic Word Puzzle below: The best way to begin is to look for a word length that has only 1 word. Why? If there is only 1 word of any length left, then it is the only possible answer for the space. Once you know some letters in the grid, then you can count how many letters long each space is (how many blocks) and compare it to the words remaining using the letters filled in from the previous word. Go slowly and think through your puzzle. Use a pencil! Some of the clues will not be helpful right away. (click image below to enlarge and/or print)

    logic word puzzle

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  • Wordy Wedesday...

    Todays activity….write letters. This week, Ms. Kelly and her nieces wrote to people who are older and can’t leave their homes. We asked questions, told them about what we were doing and asked them to write back. Each of us wrote 2-4 letters. One of the people Ms. Kelly wrote to is an artist friend who is 95! Hopefully, everyone we wrote to will be surprised and happy when they get their mail.

    If you want to write a long letter, there are instructions under "related files" at the very bottom of this page.

    Who will you write to? Write about your letter writing session in your journal.

    Letter Writing Notes


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  • Try it Tuesday...

    1. Remember our Gratitude Journals?...Watch the video by clicking the picture below and make your own journal to keep daily.

     Some daily topics could be....friends, music, favorite book, hobby etc. Write about what you are grateful for this week...


    2. Be a Historian!

    Primary Document

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  • Math Monday...

    Some time this week you may want to review pages 1-10 in the math notebook posted under "MacDonald Math", try the attached review game, math mission pages 1,2, puzzle and challenge question!

    Climbing Chimney Rock

    (math review game)

    math game 1  math mission 24 answer key

    Answer Key for Math Mission #24 click here!

    video game puzzle

    Did you get 176 for the ? above

    This Week's Challenge Question:

    A fruit farmer sold 198 kilograms of apples on the first day. On the second day, she sold 24 kilograms more than she sold on the first day. On the third day, she sold 12 kilograms less than she sold on the second day. On the fourth day, she sold 29 kilograms more than on the third day. How many kilograms of apples did the farmer sell all 4 days together?

    (I will post a way the problem can be solved at the end of the week so you can compare your work!)


    Day#1 = 198 kg

    Day #2 = 198 + 24 = 222 kg

    Day #3 = 222 - 12 = 210 kg

    Day #4 = 210 + 29 = 239 kg

    total kg = 198+222+210+239 =

    869 total kg of apples sold

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  • Dear 4th Grade Families,

    We hope everyone is feeling well and able to get outside to enjoy some fresh air and much needed sunshine! We miss each and every one of our students. We are writing to let you know that in addition to the instructional outline that was posted on the district website we will continue to post some suggested items occasionally on our 4th grade website’s homepage. 

    There will be a variety of math games to print out, puzzles, STEM or Instant Challenge activities. We will also offer some journal prompts or other writing activities and reading passages with follow-up questions. 

    We also encourage everyone to read for at least an hour (doesn’t have to be all at once) and to practice math facts on REFLEX or in other ways (help a younger sibling(s) with their addition/subtraction facts, games, salute, flash cards, other websites, etc.) for 15-20 minutes each day.  Be sure to review pages of the online math notebook too.

    Best Regards,

    Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Tundo, Mrs. MacDonald  

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  • Unfortunately we are missing our field trip with Earth Spirit to learn about maple sugaring. To learn a little bit about this topic try reading the passages and answering the questions by clicking on the images below.  (verbally answer the questions with someone at home, print them out or write them down in a journal)

    Passage #1      Passage #2   

    Sugaring Time article    maple sugaring  

    If you'd like to check your answers from the reading passage, click: Quebec's Sugar Season to check the answer key. 

    To download and watch this video pictured below: scroll to the bottom of this homepage and click on sugaring video under "Related Files"

    sugaring video  

    newsletter 1

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  • Happy St. Patrick's Day!shamrocks

    Looking for a fun holiday story? Click below! (if the link doesn't work try going through TumbleBooks using Clever)

    Fiona's Luck    logic word puzzle

    Try these puzzles too!

    puzzle 1 puzzle 3  

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  • Use the following (songs, videos, models, and game) links to help you better understand fractions!

    Fraction Songs:

    equal fractions song   simplify fractions song

    Fractions Videos:

    equal fraction video   race to 1 whole game

    Fraction Models:

    abcya tiles   fraction tiles equal pies equal fractions

    Fraction Games:

    fraction collection  alien game add fractions  Bingo

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  • Practice your division skills by clicking below:

    division derby  drag race division  demolition derby    division with remainders

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  • We remember and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday this month (Jan. 20), click below to learn more about him and other Civil Rights leaders. Click the Ruby book cover to rewatch the short video

    MLK      Ruby documentary

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  • Listen to the song below to review how the area model works to help us multiply larger numbers.  Watch the second video to review how to multiply two double digit numbers with an area model.

    area model song multiply with area model

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  • Review the difference between area and perimeter with the song below! Explore Area and Perimeter with the Area Builder below. Watch a short video on area and perimeter to review your skills.

     song              builder         video

    perimeter song  area  area and perimeter

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  • Listen to this song to help you review subtraction with regrouping! Then try clicking on the subtraction problem on the right to practice your own problems. (Will NOT work on Chrome, I have to use Internet Explorer as my browser with updated Java)

    sub song  sub manipulatives

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  • Review rounding by watching this music video!

    rounding song

    Try any of these rounding games for extra practice this week!

    rounding sharks   rounding spaceships   town creator rounding   sea life rounding


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  • Click below to review our basic place value skills!

    place value millions   place value billions   comma song   mystery numbers

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  • Looking for something to do this weekend?  Review and practice your money skills with the links below! 

    coins song   money game

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  • Remember your daily math homework: practice your math facts (all operations) for 5-7 min. Click on the images below to get going!

     math fact practice   facts

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  • I Love SchooBoy

    Thanks for visiting our fourth grade website! We are so excited to be working with you this year.

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