• Click the game below to practice counting change back to a customer! (subtraction on an open number line strategy) Warm up with this game before playing the Allowance board game with a small group!

    money game

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  • Practice your metric measurement skills by clicking the game links below.

    ruler gamesoup gamein and cm game

    Metric Measurement Video and Songs:

    Metric Units on Brainpop

    metric measurement

    metric song 1metric song 2


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  • Practice your decimal number skills by clicking any of the links below!


    decimal builder decimal place value


    what is a decimal decimal song

    add subtract decimals

    fraction to decimal song comparing decimals song


    pirate decimal gamegalaxy palsadding decimals gamedecimal pyramid

    decimal games



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  • Use these links to help you practice measuring angles with a protractor!

    Songs and Videos:

    angles song  triangles song symmetry songsymmetry activity

    brainpop angles types of linesangle song 


    measure angles protractor 

    Quiz Yourself:

    angle questions      measure with protractor  


    alien angles game angle game Rocket Launch

    angle game


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  • Use the links below to practice and review our fraction work from class!

    Fraction tools/models:

    fractions video   fraction models   fraction bars  Fraction tiles  number line  improper fraction model

    Equivalent Fractions:

    Fractions in Disguise book   equivalent fraction song    reduce fractions song  reduce fractions  Triplets   equal fractions   equivalent fractions  equal fraction bingo

    Comparing Fractions:

    pecking order   compare fractions compare fractions  

    Adding and Subtracting Fractions (with same denominators)

    adding fractions   add to create 1 whole  

    Multiplying Fractions by Whole Numbers:

    multiply fractions by whole numbers

    Relating Fractions to Decimals:


    More Videos and Games: 

    race to 1 whole game equal fraction video

    how to measure in inches

    decimal game  decimal adding    decimal place value  number line game  ruler game  

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  • Listen to the song below to review how the area model works to help us multiply larger numbers.  Watch the second video to review how to multiply two double digit numbers with an area model.

    area model song multiply with area model

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    Division Practice!

    division song  division notes division facts division game  


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  • Review the difference between area and perimeter with the song below! Explore Area and Perimeter with the Area Builder below. 

     song (click below)  builder (click below)         

    perimeter song    area  

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  • Practice your math facts for at least 10 minutes a day!   

    math facts

    More games to help build number sense and fluency with your math facts:

        addition game subtraction game division game


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  • Listen to the songs and play the game below to review what prime, composite and square numbers are!

    song     prime song   prime number game

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  • We love being outside! So, let's dress for the changing weather!

    ● Recess is proven by research to boost productivity and performance on tests. Therefore, recess can provide students with a boost for activities that follow.

    ● Research also states that recess outside is better than indoor recess. Please have your child wear or bring clothes appropriate for the weather to keep here so they are prepared, as fall turns to winter.

    dressing for the weather

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  • 4th Grade had fun creating this Nice Cream Sundae!

    Banana split  banana split 2  banana split 3  

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    Looking for a good book? Click the image below to see a 4th grade reading list from Buffalo Public Library.

    reading list

    why read scholastic book wizard

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  • Subtraction practice: Learn how and why the standard algorithm works! You must use Internet Explorer (don't ask me why!) so this will NOT work on your Chromebook. You can try on another computer in your house if you have one! Again, make sure you open this in Internet Explorer, not Chrome or Safari etc.

    subtraction practice

    This one should work on your chromebook:

    subtraction practice

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  • Listen to this song to help you review subtraction with regrouping! Then try the subtraction challenge by clicking on the other picture.

    sub song  subtraction game

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  • Click below to review our basic place value skills!

    place value millions   place value billions   comma song  mystery number game

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  • Review rounding by watching this music video!

    rounding song

    Try any of these rounding games for extra practice this week!

    rounding sharks   rounding spaceships   town creator rounding   sea life rounding


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  • Important Math Information:

    Remember your daily math homework: practice your math facts (all operations) for 10-15 min. Click on the images below to get going!

    Flashcards: choose your operation and your level, click below.

    fact practice

    multiplication arrays

    Halloween multiplication facts

    Each game below is a different operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

    addition facts  subtraction facts

    multiplication facts  division facts

    More games to help build number sense and fluency with your math facts:

        addition game subtraction game division gamex facts   multiple practice

    Listen to this songs by clicking the images below, to help you better understand mutliplication and division. See MacDonald math for more songs!

    music video for arrays   division song

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  • Important Reading information: Click the images below

     why read  scholastic book wizard

     I Love SchooBoy

    Thanks for visiting our fourth grade website! We are so excited to be working with you this year.

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