A Message From the Principal

  • October


    Dear Parents and Families:


    Halloween is fast approaching and we encourage all members of the Windom community to partake in the traditions of the season – costumes, treats, and spooky vibes!


    Here are some guidelines we ask all families to follow in order to ensure Halloween at Windom is safe and enjoyable for all.



    Students are encouraged to wear costumes but please keep in mind:

    • No costumes that are violent or gory in nature.
    • No weapons, even toy weapons, are allowed.
    • Costume masks should be saved for home – they are disruptive to the learning environment.
    • Face painting is strongly discouraged.


    Classroom Celebrations

    • Each homeroom teacher will communicate if they are hosting celebrations - some do, many do not.
    • Each homeroom teacher will determine and communicate if parent volunteers are needed.


    Snacks, Treats, & Candy

    • No homemade treats are allowed.
    • Pre-packaged, store-bought, individual snacks and treats may be passed out based on homeroom teacher plans.


    It is important that families communicate with their homeroom teachers if they have questions about costumes, celebrations, and snacks prior to Halloween.


    Happy Halloween!

  • Phil Johnson
    Mr. Phil Johnson

    Theresa Glowacki
    Mrs. Theresa Glowacki
    Assistant Principal