Shared Decision Making

  • Dear Families,

    The Shared Decision Making (SDM) Committee wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves, explain who we are, why we exist, and what our goals are for the 2016-17 school year.  The SDM Committee includes the principal, teachers, a teacher aide, a community business member, and parents.  The committee meets once a month to set goals and design activities that will help improve the overall well-being of the Windom community in alignment with the overall mission of the Orchard Park Central School District.

    This year, SDM has established an academic goal focused on literacy:  Encourage literacy in student’s lives by increasing the number of school-wide literacy events and celebrations at Windom.  We wanted to get more books into the hands of more children, help spread the joy and love of reading, and celebrate literacy as a school community.

    Windom is well on its way to a wonderful year of Literacy rich activities.  The year launched with a “Reading Invasion”, where every Windom student and faculty member stopped what they were doing and read outside for 30 minutes.  It was magical to see!   The work continued with a well-attended “Literacy Co-Curricular Night” that saw our Special Area teachers and Support Staff celebrating and sharing literacy with families.  Soon, we will be sending information home about the next event, a “Book Swap”. 

    We hope that you will join us in our efforts to make our school an even more wonderful place than it already is!  Periodically through the year we will send home literacy resources that we know you will find helpful as we take this Literacy journey together!


    The SDM Committee

    Mr. Johnson (principal)
    Mr. Dolce (Assistant Principal)
    Mrs. Eberle, Mrs. Premschetz (parent members)
    Mr. Draves (community business member)
    Mrs. Artmeier (teacher aide)
    Mrs. DiGesare, Mrs. Novak, Mr. Wert, Mrs. Budney (teachers)