Aquarius Base Agenda

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    Note about Parent Portal Terms:

    The Parent Portal is a powerful tool to improve communication between parents and their children.
    If you have a question about a grade, you agree to follow these steps:

    Step #1: Discuss the assignment with your child.
    Step #2: If there is still a question, empower your child to speak to the teacher. Please allow this step to happen prior to any parental contact.
    NOTE: Grades are updated as time allows, therefore the portal may not be a fully accurate reflection of your child's work to date.
    By clicking "Enter" to access the Parent Portal, you agree to accept the terms listed above. 

    Note about Base Webpages:

    The Base Webpage is intended to be a backup to the District-purchased Student Agenda.  Please check your child's student agenda for assignments, as the base webpage may not be accurate or up-to-date.  The only place that is certain to list assignments 100% accurately is in each teacher's classroom.  OPMS is open until about 9 PM daily, and a custodian/cleaner can open a classroom to allow a student/parent to check assignments, if a student does not have, or is not updating, their student agenda.

    Chromebook Guidelines for Aquarius Students

    1. Students must reclaim their device every morning in homeroom directly after the Pledge to the Flag.
    2. After class dismissal at 2:30, students must return their device to their homeroom charging station.  If they do not, they can expect a referral the following day.  The first referral will be filed as a verbal warning; detention(s) or other consequences will follow thereafter.
    3. If  a student needs their Chromebook after school, they must return it back to homeroom when finished.  If the homeroom teacher has left for the day, the student must turn it into the Main Office charging station.  The student must communicate with their homeroom teacher when this occurs so they do not incur a penalty.
    4. If the student has an early dismissal, the Chromebook should be turned into the Main Office charging station.  If the student arrives to school after homeroom, they should reclaim their device during lunch, free period, or during the normal change of classes.  They may not disturb the homeroom teacher's class to retrieve or return their device.
    5. The student is responsible for the care and protection of their device.  If the student knows that they will not need the device in a class, the device should be locked in their locker for safety and protection until it needs to be returned to the charging station at the end of the day.
    6. Just like any other class supply, the student should do their best to get a sense of the classroom teacher's need for the Chromebook in class.

Current week's homework

Visit your Teacher's Google Classroom for all Assignments. Email your teachers with questions or concerns.

Homework History

  • Click on the link below for a History Reference Section for students and families to review this year's Homework Assignments.