• Eclipse Base Agenda - Welcome to Eclipse Base: 

    The teachers for this base are 

    • English (ELA)  - Ms. Holmes  (kholmes@opschools.org)
    • Math  -  Mr. Kalenik  (pkalenik@opschools.org)
    • Science  -  Ms. Boldt (lboldt@opschools.org)
    • Social Studies  -  Ms. Chudy  (schudy@opschools.org)
    • Spanish  -  Mrs. Hrcak (jhrcak@opschools.org)

    Students are responsible for writing their assignments in their agendas.  Each teacher has a homework board in his/her classroom.

    Teachers have all assignments posted in their rooms and/or on teacher webpages which can be accessed from the OPMS website.

    Teacher page links

     Go to the middle school site -some teachers have individual pages.

    Base Information:

    Welcome to Eclipse base and welcome back to school.  We hope you had a great summer!

    If you have any questions please ask any of the teachers. 

    Lockers will be assigned the first day of homeroom - make sure you have a lock.

    Chromebooks (if they are all ready) will be handed out the first week of school.  There are no charge carts in homeroom - you are responsible to take your chromebook home and have it fully charged every day.

    Don't forget school rules -- cell phones are to be off and in your locker during the school day.

    We would love if you would donate a box of tissues to your homeroom teacher.  This is not required -- but is nice once allergy, cold, and flu season set in. 

    Lunch tables are assigned (as per school policy) during September.  Please do not ask to sit with your friends - you will get to do so in October - the lunch staff needs to learn everyone's name and that is done through assigned seating.  In October you may sit anywhere you choose and with whom you choose on the Eclipse side of the cafeteria.

    Note about Parent Portal Terms:

    If you have a question about a grade, you agree to follow these steps(as outlined on parent portal):

    Step #1: Discuss the assignment with your child.
    Step #2: If there is still a question, empower your child to speak to the teacher. Please allow this step to happen prior to any parental contact.

    NOTE: Grades are updated as time allows, therefore the portal may not be a fully accurate reflection of your child's work to date.

    By clicking "Enter" to access the Parent Portal, you agree to accept the terms listed above.