• Eclipse Base Agenda - Welcome to Eclipse Base: 

    The teachers for this base are 

    • English (ELA)  - Ms. Holmes  (kholmes@opschools.org)
    • Math  -  Mr. Kalenik  (pkalenik@opschools.org)
    • Science  -  Ms. Boldt (lboldt@opschools.org)
    • Social Studies  -  Ms. Chudy  (schudy@opschools.org)
    • Spanish  -  Mrs. Hrcak (jhrcak@opschools.org)

    Students are responsible for writing their assignments in their agendas.  Each teacher has a homework board in his/her classroom.

    Teachers have all assignments posted in their rooms and/or on teacher webpages which can be accessed from the OPMS website.

    Teacher page links

     Go to the middle school site -some teachers have individual pages.

    Base Information:  

    Rotation starting Monday 3/9






    Don't forget school rules -- cell phones are to be off and in your locker during the school day.

    We would love if you would donate a box of tissues to your homeroom teacher.  This is not required -- but is nice once allergy, cold, and flu season set in. 

    Note about Parent Portal Terms:

    If you have a question about a grade, you agree to follow these steps(as outlined on parent portal):

    Step #1: Discuss the assignment with your child.
    Step #2: If there is still a question, empower your child to speak to the teacher. Please allow this step to happen prior to any parental contact.

    NOTE: Grades are updated as time allows, therefore the portal may not be a fully accurate reflection of your child's work to date.

    By clicking "Enter" to access the Parent Portal, you agree to accept the terms listed above.