Quantum 2020-2021 School Year





     Greeting's Quantum Base:  

    M: 4/12        T: 4/13         W: 4/14          TH: 4/15          F: 4/16

           A                B                   A                   B                     A

      Cycle 1          Cycle 1          Cycle 2          Cycle 2             Cycle 1


    Important Information and Dates:


    1. Make sure you are staying up to date checking google classroom for all of your assignments and writing them down in your agenda.  Please charge your chrome books nightly. 


    2. Monday, April 12th will be a Cohort A day, Cycle 1. 

    3. 4th Quarter begins Monday, April 12th.





    Please charge your chrome books nightly, and also make sure to check Google Classroom daily for updates and assignments.


    In order for our students to get a good night's rest, please have your child complete their assignments by 8:00 PM. 


    If you have any questions, please email your teachers.


    Here is a video to help with Google Classroom Calendar. Please click the link below.


     Google Classroom Calendar Help Video 




Quantum Base Information

  • Teachers on Base:

    Mr. Bird, Mrs. Kaleta, Ms.Hanzlian, Mr. Raczkowski, Mrs. Staebell, Mrs. Yoshida
    Mrs. Swiatek, Mrs. Bovanzer and Mr. Kozar 


    Our e-mail addresses:

    (CHanzlian, LKaleta, JBird, JRaczkowski, MStaebell, HYoshida, ASwiatek, DKozar, CBovanizer)@opschools.org