Quantum 2020-2021 School Year





     Greeting's Quantum Base:  Today Is: Monday 1/25/2021

    M: 1/25     T: 1/26    W: 1/27      TH: 1/28      F: 1/22

       B              A              B                A                 B

    cycle 1      cycle 2      cycle 2        cycle 1         cycle 1    


    Important Information and Dates:


    1. Make sure you are staying up to date checking google classroom for all of your assignments and writing them down in your agenda.

    2. Make sure to pack a hat and gloves incase you go outside during class for a mask break.

    3. Tuesday, Jaunuary 26th: Second quarter ends.



    Please charge your chrome books nightly, and also make sure to check Google Classroom daily for updates and assignments.


    In order for our students to get a good night's rest, please have your child complete their assignments by 8:00 PM. 


    If you have any questions, please email your teachers.


    Here is a video to help with Google Classroom Calendar. Please click the link below.


     Google Classroom Calendar Help Video 




Quantum Base Information

  • Teachers on Base:

    Mr. Bird, Mrs. Kaleta, Ms.Hanzlian, Mr. Raczkowski, Mrs. Staebell, Mrs. Yoshida
    Mrs. Swiatek, Mrs. Bovanzer and Mr. Kozar 


    Our e-mail addresses:

    (CHanzlian, LKaleta, JBird, JRaczkowski, MStaebell, HYoshida, ASwiatek, DKozar, CBovanizer)@opschools.org