Spring 2019 'First Day' Information

  • Please see below for Spring First Day Tryout/Practice Information - updated 3/13/19 @ 10:48am


    Boys Varsity: Coach Terry McMahon

    Boys Varsity Assistant:  Coach Stephen Sayoc

    First Practice/tryout: Monday, March 18th- First practice Monday, 3/18 location S.T Tennis Center.- shuttle departs 2:50pm from Freeman Doors.

    Bring your tennis equipment- white shirt, shorts, socks, water bottle, jump rope and enthusiasm!

     To best prepare for the season, make sure:

    1. You are in good physical shape. Make sure you can do 20 pushups, crunches sprints and distance running as well as sprints. We will increase our conditioning work every week.
    2. You can jump rope. We jump rope every day on two feet. one foot, forward and backward.
    3. Wear all white to practice, White shirt, white shorts and white socks. You do not have to buy expensive, tennis specific clothes. Just make sure your clothes are clean and white.
    4. You can commit to the practice and match times. This is a varsity team. This must become your priority, along with family and school work. One unexcused absence will result in being dropped to the bottom of the ladder. Two unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the team.
    5. Be responsible.-Call, text or email. Mr McMahon (c 249-7172, ttennismcmahon@gmail.com) if you are going to be late or absent! 



    Boys Modified B: Coach Lauren Hartke & Al Jafarjian

    Girls Modified B: Coach Christine Quenneville & Moe Gavin

    First practice/tryout: The modified track team will meet in the auxiliary gym on Monday, March 18th at 3pm.  Please be prepared for an indoor or outdoor workout (weather dependent).  Athletes should bring her/his own water bottle.  Practice will finish every day as close to 4pm as possible.  Practice is held Monday through Friday almost every week until the season begins on Wednesday, April 10th.  Please make sure you have completed your online registration by the week of March 10th.

    See below for Spring Modified Track and Field calendar.




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