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Gallons of Change

During the last week in April, fifth graders at Windom ran a fundraiser called Gallons of Change. It was to raise awareness and funds to build a well in India with an organization called Freshwater Friends. This connects to the science curriculum that teaches kids about the scarcity of freshwater and how we can help those who don't have access to it. 

The final science unit that many of the 5th grade classes are studying is about how we can provide freshwater to those in need. Students learn about the scarcity of drinkable water, how to move water from one place to another without a pump, and about systems that can pump water vertically, like modern wells.

Students have also learned that over 770 million people around the world do not have access to clean, drinkable water. Freshwater Friends raises awareness about the lack of clean, drinkable water around the world, and they actively dig wells in villages in India with raised funds. This is a great way for the kids to apply what they are learning and have a positive impact in people's lives on the other side of the world!

So far Windom Elementary has raised more than $1500! This is enough to build a well for a village in India that has been desperately hoping for water. Fresh Water Friends is already in contact with one of their drillers to find the perfect site for our well, and the well should be finished by the end of the school year!  

Donations will be accepted until May 15th.  If you are interested in donating please scan the QR code below.  

QR code for Gallons of Change fundraiser