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OPHS Students Read to Ellicott Classrooms

In December, Orchard Park High School students from Mrs. Feely’s AP Government class arrived at Ellicott Elementary in their pajamas to read holiday stories to students during their school-wide Reading Invasion. There were enough volunteers that every classroom had at least one high school reader present throughout the day.

The idea came about at a recent District Leadership Committee meeting when high school teachers were discussing the importance of community service for their students. Ellicott Elementary Literacy Coach, Mrs. Jenifer Senn, came up with the idea to invite some high school students to visit her school in order to show their “love for reading” with young students who admire them.

The experience proved rewarding for both the high school students and the elementary students. The younger children expressed how much fun it was to have a teenager read to them, and likewise many of the high school students were eager to visit more classrooms to spend time with the young listeners. Mrs. Senn feels this was an amazing experience for both sets of students.