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Junie B. Jones the Musical JR

Fifth grade students at Ellicott Elementary performed the very first Western New York production of Junie B. Jones the Musical JR. on February 12th-13th. The musical is an adaptation of four books from the Junie B. Jones collection created specifically for Broadway Junior performers.

Co-Musical Directors Heather Holden and Mary Claire Vivian worked with the fifth grade students to prepare them for their upcoming performance. Holden was able to bring in her mentor, Cindy Ripley, to work with the students.  Ripley is a nationally recognized educational consultant specializing in musical theater.  Ripley was involved in the creation of the Jr. version of the Junie B. Jones musical so she was a great resource for the fifth graders at Ellicott.  She spoke to students about sharing their light and passion for performing.  She gave them some tips for focus and characterization on stage and encouraged the students with positive feedback.