Supply List

 4th Grade Supply List 2019-2020

Thank you for helping your child begin fourth grade in an organized manner. Most of the supplies should last all year. If your child needs to replenish any, or needs anything additional as we develop our curriculum, we will contact you throughout the year. Thank you in advance for all your support in 4th grade!

1 pack of colored pencils or crayons

1 pair of scissors

3 marble composition notebooks   

1 take home folder (any kind)

2 black flair pens

3 Highlighters: any color

40 sharpened #2 pencils for the year (please-no mechanical pencils)

6 dry erase markers (low odor, non-toxic) and 1 clean sock (eraser)

3 rolls of scotch tape

                                                        3 large glue sticks

4 post-it note pads (3 x 3)

4 small post it note pads (any size smaller than 3 X 3)

headphones (to connect to Chromebook/computer)

1 soft zipper supply case


1 container of Wet Wipes (no Clorox) (optional)

2 boxes of Kleenex (optional)

1 box gallon size ziploc baggies (to carry "good fit" books)